Business Communication Systems

IP-PBX KX-TEA308 / TES824 / TEM824

Comparison Sheet

Efficient Call Handling

Hybrid System

UCD (Uniform Call Distribution) with message

  • Improves the company image.
  • Important business calls will not be missed.
  • Shares the operator load.

For handling many incoming calls quickly and efficiently, this feature allows incoming calls to be distributed uniformly to a group of extensions. If all stations in the UCD group are busy, the system will play a message to the caller - acting like a receptionist. If still the UCD group remains busy, the call can be sent to a secondary DISA. This is especially useful for an office where many calls arrive at a group and there is only one person to take calls (queuing feature).

Call Forwarding (Busy / No Answer / Follow-Me / to Outside)

  • Improves the company image.

Incoming, intercom and transferred calls to your extension can be forwarded to another destination when you are on the phone or away from your desk. Calls can be directed to a preprogrammed number, such as your mailbox, another phone, or even outside your office building, improving efficiency and overall customer service. ?Follow me? programming allows you to remotely set Call Forwarding from another phone at your office (eg. meeting room), so calls to your extension will reach you while you are away from your desk.

Day / Night / Lunch Mode

The system provides ?Day/Night? and ?Lunch? mode features which can be used to change system functions according to the time of day. For example, you can designate which phones will ring for incoming calls after hours, or prevent outgoing calls at night.

Doorphones, Door Openers, and Doorbells*

Up to 4 doorphones can be connected to the system. When a visitor presses a doorphone button, the pre-assigned extension telephone will ring and the extension user can answer the call to talk to the visitor. Standard doorbells can also be connected to the system to indicate doorphone calls with the familiar chime sound. Doorphone calls can be indicated by ringing, by doorbell, or by both. If an optional Door Opener is connected, the extension user can even open the door and let the visitor in.

* An optional card is required.

Emergency Call

You can assign 5 numbers which can override toll restriction as an emergency call to the police, fire department, ambulance, etc.

5-party Conference

This feature allows 5 parties to have a telephone conversation at one time.
Up to 2 outside lines can join a conference call.

Room Monitor

An Analogue Proprietary Telephone or Doorphone can be used as a Room Monitor. This feature is useful for monitoring a child room or for security purposes.

Extension Group

The system supports 8 extension groups. In an extension group, the following features can be activated.

Group Call Pickup : Any member of an extension group can pick up a call directed to another member of your group.

Paging - Group : Any member of an extension group can make a voice announcement to another group member. A hunting group, DISA ring group or UCD group is a specific extension group.

Ringing Pattern Selection

A ringing pattern can be selected depending on the type of call such as an outside call, intercom call and doorphone call. You can distinguish private calls from business calls.

Message Waiting*

Allows an extension user to notify the called extension of a message waiting when the called extension is busy or does not answer the call. Pressing the lit MESSAGE button of proprietary telephone can call back the called party automatically.

* Analogue Proprietary Telephone only.