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Easy screen customization KX-NT400 XML Applications

KX-NT400 XML Applications Outline

KX-NT400 supports new application i/f using the XML method for development.
It becomes possible to control GUI of KX-NT400 freely by the application server side XML description.
In order to use the XML feature, you must exchange to the XML version firmware from standard KX-NT400 firmware (e.g.V1.0 or V1.2). The screen and the touch panel of KX-NT400 can be freely used from application server instead.


Key Function

XML configurable screen
The touch panel menu can be customized to conform to the way you prefer to use your phone, assuring optimum operability and putting the information you need at your fingertips.

Text message broadcasting (push service)
The unit can double as a communications terminal, displaying news and information as required.

What's included

Firmware : XML Firmware(Firmware for XML Application), Standard Firmware : To return KX-NT400 to standard specification
Technical Documents & files / XML Application Developer's Guide, Schema files(for PC tool editing / checking), Sample script (Basic service script samples with server environment), Release Note.

How to get KX-NT400 XML

The KX-NT400 XML can be downloaded free of charge from the web.

Download the standard firmware and XML firmware

Go to download site