Business Communication Systems


Conferencing Phone Manager Application*

You can easily have remote meetings and video conferences using shared applications.

* Use conditions of this application: For both parties to use the KX-NT700, both parties are required to install this application on their PCs.

Sharing desktops and applications

Select an application

Just by choosing the application you want to share, you can open an application on another party's desktop.

You can share the screens of general applications operated by Windows. You can select the applications you want to share by using the operational screen of the Conferencing Phone Manager. You can also open an application on another party's desktop and then together refer to and discuss the same file at the same time.

Explain fine details with an easily understandable whiteboard

Whiteboard display

Both parties can use their PC onscreen whiteboard to freely write in text and diagrams. It is also possible to write in highlights. Exchange is now really smooth.

Interface between network camera and Conferencing Phone Manager

Network Camera display

Use your PC to look in any direction you want.
You can freely confirm all members of the meeting.

Connecting KX-NT700 units using an IP line, the video conference screen starts up automatically and you can see the image of network cameras. When you connect KX-NT700 units together, set up is easy as the units automatically search for the network cameras and you do not need to input an IP address*1. You can control the network camera of another party and vice-versa, giving you a sense of other party's location and allowing you to view any direction you want.

*1 When setting up the main unit's IP network, it is necessary to set the IP address to be automatically retrieved from the DHCP server.

The settings and operation of the IP Conferencing Phone

Phonebook / History

The settings and operation of the IP Conferencing Phone can be controlled from a PC.

The phonebook screen is displayed when you start up the Conferencing Phone Manager. It is easy to find and dial another party's IP address, located in the phonebook or outgoing/incoming call history.

PC Requirement Hardware
Item Minimum Requirements
CPU 1.6 GHz Intel Pentium microprocessor
(or a CPU of similar performance)
RAM (Memory) 1.0 GB
HDD 1.0 GB Free Space
VIDEO 1024 × 768
65,536 colours
Communication I/F USB 2.0 standard with one connector
OS Microsoft Windows XP (all editions)
* Windows Vista not supported.