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Unified Communication

Link Your Employees with the Simple UC

Seamless communication among employees even at different locations is today's 'Must-Have' element for business productivity and success.
Panasonic can offer a full-line up of UC solutions with applications as well as simple hardware UC communication.

Panasonic Unified Communication


UC Pro Application

  • UC Pro can handle multi-type communication media with a single user interface. It can also integrate with Microsoft® Enchange Scheduler which allows you to plan and share the schedule among your teams.

    Key features of Panasonic UC Pro apps are the following.
    -Compatible with PC, Smartphone or Tablet
    -Voice/Text Chat
    -Video/Audio Call
    -Voice Mail*
    -Integrated with Outlook® and Windows®10 Apps
    -Screen Sharing**

    *Depends on PBX function
    **Available on Windows operating system only

Communication Assistant Application

  • Communication Assistant is a PC based software application which enables real-time communication and call status monitoring.
    There are 4 types of application levels according to your needs.
    ・CA Basic-Express (Built-in to KX-NS series)
    ・CA Pro
    ・CA Operator Console
    ・CA Supervisor

    Key features are the following
    -Compatible with Windows PC*1
    -Text Chat
    -Audio Call
    -CRM Intergration by TAPI*2
    -Microsoft Outlook Integration
    -Call Histroy up to 1,000 Calls*3
    -Contacts up to 1,000*3

    *1 Supports Windows 7 Professional (32/64-bit) / Windows 8 (Desktop Mode only) / Windows 8.1 (Desktop Mode only) /Windows 10 (Desktop Mode only)
    *2 This feature is not supported by CA Basic-Express.
    *3 When in use with CA Basic-Express, call history and Contacts is up to 10.

Mobile Softphone Application

  • Panasonic Mobile Softphone is a simple application that brings audio and visual communication together in your mobile device. It lets you use your smartphone just the way you want, while maximizing mobility and minimizing costs.

    The following are the key features of Panasonic Mobile Softphone.
    -No Need for the Customer to Prepare a Server
    -Push Notification*1
    -Video Communication
    -Simple Security

    *1 Push notification is not supported when used under a KX-NS1000 or KX-HTS system.

Simple Hardware Video Communication

  • If you need quick and frequent video communication, single click video communication hardware is also possible from Panasonic. Without starting-up PCs, you can simply dial the designated extension and start video communications within the arm's reach.
    Panasonic video communication terminal, KX-HDV430 can also communicate with IP doorphones or IP cameras such as the KX-NTV series as a PBX extension.
    By using various types of IP PBX terminals, you can customize the communication infrastructure as you want.

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Stay Connected with Mobile Apps & Devices

Remember when work was only done in offices? Today, that kind of thinking is definitely old-fashioned. Communication must be provided for business trips, on the go, and at home. A wide variety of devices are also available that allow people to use them while working anywhere.

Panasonic Mobile Solution


Own Brand DECT Device Line-up

  • At workplaces where employees move around, the Panasonic DECT device is the best-fit solution. Select DECT devices from lightweight models to a tough type IP65 compliant model which is dust and splash resistant.
    By using IP synchronization cell stations, you can quickly install the system, and you can widen the coverage area with a repeater device.
    A Noise Reduction function is another unique feature. It can reduce the noise and control the volume according to the surrounding noise. Panasonic DECT solutions have been installed to a lot of industries, such as healthcare, warehouse/factory, retail stores etc.

Smartphone Integration with Mobile Apps

  • There are 2 types of Panasonic brand applications that work on smartphones to integrate communication platforms with mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.
    You can communicate with your smartphones anywhere as a company extension line by installing Panasonic mobile applications such as UC Pro and Mobile Softpone Application.
    Panasonic Mobile Softphone app is a server-less type of mobile phone application which enables quick-starts.
    By installing UC Pro application, you can see the other party's presence on the application, and chat, or call with a single user interface.

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Get Ready for Business Growth with a Flexible Networking Com System

Changing communication platforms is a headache. With a Panasonic communication system, you do not need to worry about changing the system even if you open a new branch office or increase the system capacity.
Panasonic has the product concept of 'Hybrid' between IP and Legacy systems.
Users can use the legacy phones even if you change the platform to an IP capable system, which reduces the cost of re-installation for business growth.
Panasonic can also offer a centralized communication system among plural offices, system redundancy, as well as remote maintenance.

Multi-Site Networking

  • By connecting different location offices with a Panasonic multi-site networking system, you can reduce the communication cost and also enable seamless communication among the offices.
    No matter how far your branch offices are, you can communicate under one communication platform network as company extensions.


  • The KX-NSX series, which has the capacity of up to 2,000 users, has the feature of redundancy.
    This feature keeps the system woking even if the main unit system goes down by covering with the backup unit.
    When the KX-NSX series is connected with the KX-NS series, even if an IP network problem between the sites occurs, systems at the both sites can work in an isolated mode that never cuts the communication infrastucture.

Remote Maintenance with Web Maintenance Console

  • The administrator can use the Web Console to remotely configure the KX-NS units of each office that are connected to the One-look network.
    Dealers can also remotely configure KX-NS units without having to visit the user site.

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One Brand Management for Monitoring and Communication

Panasonic can offer a full line-up of monitoring solutions from small offices to enterprise solutions.
By managing both monitoring and communication platforms with one brand, you can simplify the infrastructure management process.
IP camera devices also work as PBX extensions which enables seamless connection and reduces costs.

Monitoring Solution for Small Offices

  • The Panasonic KX-NTV series IP camera and IP doorphone can work as PBX extensions.
    By using these devices, you can create simple office monitoring solutions.
    The KX-NTV series has motion and voice detection feature which can inform by phone calls or e-mails when it detects anything at your office.
    If you install the KX-HDV430 video communication device and KX-NTV160 IP doorphone, you can use the system as a entrance control system.
    By installing a 3rd party door opener, you can check visitors at the door with the KX-HDV430 office video terminal and unlock the door by pressing the phone button.

Monitoring Solution for Enterprises

  • The Panasonic KX-HDV430 video communication terminal can integrate with Panasonic CCTV cameras.
    If your property is large and you install professional CCTV cameras, you can monitor your property even remotely with the KX-HDV430 video terminal. By monitoring your property easily with the screen on the deskphones, you can prevent any emergency on your property.

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Telephony Service Operation

Built-in Call Centre Feature Improves Customer Satisfaction

Customers always need an immediate response. The main communication media between customers with businesses is still the phone call. By visualizing your employees' phone call data, you can manage each employee's productivity.
Panasonic can offer a full line-up of Call Centre features from simple built-in solutions to enterprise solutions.

Panasonic Call Management System


Built-in Call Centre Features

  • The Panasonic KX-NS series has the following built-in call handling features. By utilizing these features, you can create a simple call centre feature without buying any external devices.

    Built-in Call Centre Features
    -Queue Announce
    -Call Pickup Group
    -Auto Recording
    -ACD Report
    -NAS Supported

    Employee Productivity Management Features

    From software version 6, the KX-NS series has an additional new feature: "Employee Productivity Management".
    ●Log-in/Log-out Time Record
    With Employee Productivity Management, you can “see” when each employee begins and ends their work day. Employees can log-in or log-out from Panasonic business telephones , SIP phones or smartphones equipped with a SIP phone application.
    Identify work attendance issues early and solve them.

    ●Call Activity Monitoring
    Today’s employees are on the move, and the workplace is more and more decentralized. Across floors or across town, Employee Productivity Management lets you “see” their telephone activity and records data for your later analysis.

Enterprise Call Centre Solutions

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Virtual Office

Choose Your Workplace Flexibly and Connect Anytime

For those who work remotely, such as people who work in home offices, communication tasks and costs must be minimized. The Panasonic PBX makes it possible to remotely control servers in the main office. This allows staff in distant locations to communicate over telephone extensions.

Built-in Media Relay Gateway

  • The Panasonic KX-NS Series has a built-in Media Relay Gateway feature, which makes it possible to connect with a remote site extension terminal without installing another PBX at the remote site.
    By using this feature, you can set up a remote virtual office at a home office or a remote location.

Remote Site Visual Communication

  • The KX-HDV430 Video Communication Terminal can work as a PBX extension. By using this terminal, you can remotely check your office property with a desk phone screen.
    Also, by installing the Panasonic KX-NTV150 IP Camera, with a built-in motion/voice detection feature, you can get e-mail or phone call notification when the IP Camera detects anything.

Smartphone Integration

  • By installing a Panasonic brand SIP mobile application on smartphones, you can use your smartphones as company extensions.
    Mobile Softphone has a Push Notification feature even when the application is not running, so you will not miss any important customer calls when you are at a home office.

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