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Smooth communication between teachers and students - School Staff Support Solution

Customer needs

We want a system that allows smooth communication between students and teachers.

  • We want the means to easily make contact with all students on campus.
  • We want students to be able to comfortably express any worries they may have.
  • We want teachers to be able to easily contact each other on campus.


Flexible On-campus Broadcasting - Contact Support Application

Broadcasts can be made on campus from wireless terminals via speakers to notify students when needed.

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External Pager / Wireless

Previously, if students on campus wanted to be notified of something, we would have to go to the staff room. With the introduction of this new system, convenient broadcasts are now possible via speakers. This system demonstrates great results especially in times of emergency.

Safe, Secure message recording - Voice Recording Application

With Mail box, calls can be recorded and messages can be left, the content of messages can then be listened to by teachers and counsellors.

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Voice Mail System (KX-TVM50/200)

Students don't have to keep problems to themselves as they can talk with teachers and counsellors without the knowledge of other students. Furthermore, counselling can be offered in a timely fashion, also giving peace of mind to parents of students.

Smooth Contact among Teachers - Wireless Application

With wireless terminals, teachers can make both internal and external calls and take part in conference calls.

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Conference Calls (8-party) / Wireless

On the Campus

With wireless terminals, teachers can easily make contact with each other. Especially useful when there are events on campus, this system demonstrates great mobility. What's more, in the case that any students are taken injured or taken ill, emergency calls and medical treatment can be carried out promptly.

System Configuration Chart

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