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Supporting safety throughout the school - School Safety-Watch Solution

Customer needs

We want to create an environment where students can study safely.

  • These days, we hear a lot about people trespassing on school property and want to manage this risk.
  • We are worried about something happening in unoccupied places such as store rooms and laboratories.
  • We want teachers to be able to easily contact each other on campus.


Supporting the Campus Safety - Sensor Call to Wireless Terminals

If a sensor detects an intruder, an announcement is made by either sound or text through wireless terminals and proprietary telephones.

Related Features

External Sensor / Virtual PS

When an intruder is detected by a sensor, a text message displaying the name of the location is sent to telephones and wireless terminals. This means that even during class when there are few teachers in the staff room, we are aware of any strange activity.

Smooth Monitoring - Linked Network Camera and Communication Assistant

If a sensor detects an intruder, the Communication Assistant starts up, showing a pop-up image on your PC display to let you check the situation.

Related Features

Network camera / Communication Assistant

Sensors linked to Network cameras automatically follow the direction of anything unusual. At the same time an image of the location is shown on my PC display, letting me quickly understand and cope with the situation. The operation of Network cameras can also be easily controlled from my PC display.

Increasing Security Right from the School Entrance - Linking the Doorphone with a Network Camera

The Doorphone uses a Network camera to receive callers. A pop-up image lets you verify visitors by voice and image before opening the door.

Related Features

Doorphone & Door Opener / Communication Assistant

When many people are entering the building we need to manage the unlocking of the school gate for safety reasons. We are able to verify visitors by an image displayed on a PC and reply to visitors using a proprietary telephone. We can then use the telephone to conveniently unlock the school gate remotely. Parents and children understand that this is for reasons of security and feel happy with the increased level of safety.

System Configuration Chart

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