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Solutions for Home Delivery Services

Reduce the risk of complaints occurring - Home Delivery Service Support Solution

Customer needs

We want to efficiently and accurately connect incoming telephone calls to an increase in profitability.

  • We want to shorten the time it takes to respond to telephone orders.
  • We want to eliminate mistakes when receiving telephone orders.
  • We have few workers so we are worried about missing calls and letting business opportunities slip by.


Support Customers More Smoothly and Efficiently - CTI Application

At the same time a phone starts to ring, the customer's data appears as a pop-up on your PC display.

Related Features

Communication Assistant

When regular customers call us, their information is displayed on our PC screens so we don't need to ask their address and telephone number, shortening the time it takes to receive their order. Customers are also put at ease when placing their order because we answer the call already knowing their name.

Safe, Secure Message Recording - Call Recording

We can record the content of all received calls, then play them back later to check there are no mistakes.

Related Features

Voice Mail System (KX-TVM50/200)

Previously, we may have inconvenienced a customer by mishearing their name and address when taking an order. Now we can listen back to a call anytime we want, removing these mistakes and reducing the number of customer claims. What's more, during busy times we take calls using headsets while we work. With one-touch operation, we can record calls and then listen to them again later for confirmation, giving us peace of mind.

Hands-Free Telephone Use

By connecting a Bluetooth module to the proprietary telephone on your desk, you can respond to phone calls through a wireless connection without having to stay right at your desk.

Related Features

Bluetooth Module / Bluetooth Headset

A steady stream of calls often come in during lunch or dinner time, which previously meant that receptionists had to stay at their desks to answer them. Wireless headsets greatly boost efficiency because they let receptionists continue answering the phone while doing something else.

System Configuration Chart

Global Home You are here:Products & Solutions > containsCommunication Solutions > containsBusiness Communication Systems > containsSolutions > Solutions for Home Delivery Services