High Volume Color Document Scanner KV-S8147 / KV-S8127



High-Speed Full-Color ScanningLarge-capacity ADFDuplex ScanningMixed Document FeedingLong Paper Mode2-Way PathPowerful Feeding FeatureMechanical Deskew*1 Double Feed Retry*1Movable Exit TrayThin Paper ScanningLong-Life RollerEasy MaintenanceFull-Color LCDPre / Post / Digital Imprinter*2Auto Erasure SecurityFlatbed Scanning*3Single User Interface*32-Page SeparationMulti-Crop*3
*1 KV-S8147 only.
*2 Optional imprinter unit KV-SS014 is required for Pre/Post Imprinter.
*3 Optional flatbed scanner KV-SS081 is required.

High-Speed Full-Color Scanning

Excellent performance keeps office productivity high.

This scanner can quickly convert a large number of documents into electronic data, so it provides smooth usage even in offices with many users. Scanning documents into data makes it possible to consolidate information, which improves work efficiency. And it lowers the cost of handling documents and reduces the space needed to store them.

Large-capacity ADF

Handles large document runs.

Up to 750 A4 pages can be set in a single run. This eliminates the need to set up scanning parameters time after time, and brings greater efficiency to scanning jobs.

Duplex Scanning

Prevents pages from being missed when scanning.

Double-sided scanning of documents from business-card size all the way to A3 can be done with a single scan. Plus, double-sided scanning is done at the same speed as single-sided scanning. This eliminates the work of pre-sorting, and prevents pages from being missed when scanning.

Mixed Document Feeding

Documents of different types can be scanned one after another.

Documents from business-card size all the way to A3 with a variety of paper thicknesses can be fed at the same time – ideal for offices that handle a wide range of document types.

Long Paper Mode

Even documents of unusually long sizes can be scanned.

The highly reliable paper feed system lets you scan long size documents. This is ideal for scanning electrocardiograms (EKG) or other special documents. This single scanner handles a wide variety of applications.

Curved Paper Path and Straight Paper Path

Excellent versatility.

In addition to the ordinary curved path, a straight path ensures high reliability with stiff or thick documents. The possibilities for both usage and installation location are almost unlimited.

Powerful Feeding Feature

Expand the types of paper that can be scanned.

■ Intelligent Feed Control Sensors

Multiple sensors check the paper feed conditions to automatically optimize the scanning of various documents while preventing them from being damaged.

Jam microphone sensor
Scanning is stopped when an abnormal noise is detected during the paper feed.

Pressure sensor
The roller pressure on the document is detected, and the height of the feed tray is adjusted.

Bent paper sensor
The bounce of documents that are bound with staples in all directions is detected, and scanning is stopped.

■ToughFeed Rollers

The structure of the double feed prevention rollers was improved changed to make the pressing pressure applied to the rollers uniform. The groove-shaped surface of the new separation roller makes it easy to remove fine bits of paper.

Double feed prevention roller unit / Separation roller unit

The new ToughFeed rollers and Intelligent Feed Control sensors expand the types of paper that can be scanned.

Compatible Paper Range

New Mechanical Deskew

Physically adjusts the paper before it is scanned.

The KV-S8147 corrects document skewing up to a maximum of 10 degrees. The sensors have also been increased to five in order to raise the accuracy of detection and de-skewing.

Double Feed Retry

Double feed documents can be re-scan automatically.

If a double feed was detected, the double feed retry function will return the documents to the feed tray automatically, then separate the double fed documents again and scan them.

Moving Picture

Double Feed Skip (DFS)

Movable Exit Tray

Scanning time is shortened by efficient paper feed and exit.

Movable exit tray and paper ejection control eliminate fluctuations in the paper exit of mixed scanning documents. Moving up and down of the feed/exit tray also shorten the scanning time.

Feed Tray
Exit tray

Thin Paper Scanning

No more worries about scanning thin paper.

Now you can continuously scan documents that are as heavy as 20g/m2. That makes it easy to scan thin forms or vouchers. And it increases the number of situations where you can use scanning — without worrying about thin paper.

Long-Life Roller

Reduces the need for roller replacement.

Panasonic conducted field tests of roller life in conventional use with customers from several industries. The results showed that the roller life was improved 1.5 times on average. You have a choice between two types of roller exchange kits according to the wear condition.


Roller Exchange Kit

Model No. KV-SS100 KV-SS101
  • ①Paper feed roller unit
    [1 set (2 pieces)]
  • ②Separation roller unit
    (1 piece)
  • ③Double feed prevention roller unit (1 piece)
  • ①Double feed prevention roller unit [3 sets (3 pieces)]
  • ②Double feed prevention roller rubber set [3 sets (6 pieces)]
  • ③Separation roller rubber [6 sets (12 pieces)]
  • ④Paper feed roller rubber [6 sets (12 pieces)]
  • ⑤Separation roller cap
600,000 sheets 3,600,000 sheets*

* KV-SS101 is a set with parts for six replacements. 1 replacement = 600,000 sheets

Easy Maintenance

Easy cleaning from the front side.

Maintenance of the transport path is easier because the ADF door opens widely. Also, an LED light automatically turns on when the door is opened, so paper dust and other problems are easy to see. Cleaning mode will rotate the conveyor rollers and exit roller to easily clean the entire surface of each roller without rotating the rollers with your fingers.

Full-Color LCD

Enables scanner settings without having to use a PC.

An easy-to-see, full-color LCD enables scanner settings and maintenance without having to use a PC.

Pre / Post / Digital Imprinter

Raises filing efficiency.

With the optional imprinter mounted, special characters such as "group A" can be printed onto documents. This helps to prevent pages from being missed when scanning, and raises filing reliability.

Pre / Post Imprinter
Digital Imprinter

*The Pre/Post Imprinter is optional. Pre and Post Imprinter functions cannot be used simultaneously.

Auto Erasure Security

A high degree of safety.

Scanned data is automatically erased from the scanner memory as soon as scanning is completed. This basically eliminates the danger of information leaks, and ensures the user of safe, secure scanning.

Flatbed Scanning

For scanning passports, datebooks, and other special documents.

Passports, date books, bound materials and other documents that cannot be fed through the Auto Document Feeder (ADF) can be scanned with flatbed scanning. The scanner is also equipped with a Start button, so work efficiency can be increased by quickly scanning while turning the book's pages, with no PC operation necessary.

[Optional Flatbed Scanner]
KV-SS081 Product Information

Optional Flatbed Scanner KV-SS081

Single User Interface

Easily scan documents and booklets.

By selectively using the KV-S8147 / S8127 and the optional KV-SS081, you can easily scan documents and booklets, and save them in the same document.

[Optional Flatbed Scanner]
KV-SS081 Product Information

2-Page Separation

Easily get the data you need from each page

Use the flatbed to scan 2-page spreads from books, magazines, etc., and automatically divide the single image into two single sheets*. Dividing scanned documents saves time and trouble because it makes complex editing operations unnecessary.

[Optional Flatbed Scanner]
KV-SS081 Product Information

KV-S8147 / KV-S8127


* Divided lengthwise or crosswise. The length of the scanned document is divided in half. The division is not based on the content of the document.


Save time by reducing the number of scans.

Place various sized documents on the flatbed and scan them all at once, then crop whatever parts you need. This is convenient for scanning multiple business cards and thick documents.

[Optional Flatbed Scanner]
KV-SS081 Product Information

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