Scan the Difference Document Scanner: Wide variety of applications that matches your needs.

This site introduces Panasonic document scanners. It offers a wide range of scanner types, from compact models for small offices to large-capacity models. Select the model that best matches the usage and special needs of your office.

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A3 Size Scanner

  • KV-S8147
  • KV-S8127
  • KV-S7097
  • KV-S7077
  • KV-S4085CW
  • KV-S4065CW
  • KV-S5078Y
  • KV-S5058
  • KV-S5076H
  • KV-S5046H

* A4, Landscape, 200 dpi

A4 Network Scanner

  • KV-N1058X
  • KV-N1028X
  • KV-S1058Y
  • KV-S1028Y
  • KV-S1057C-M2 (For North America)
  • KV-S1027C-M2 (For North America)
  • KV-S1037X

* A4, Portrait, 200 dpi

A4 Size Scanner

  • KV-S2087
  • KV-SL3066
  • KV-SL3056
  • KV-S1057C
  • KV-S1027C
  • KV-SL1066
  • KV-SL1056
  • KV-S1037
  • KV-S1026C-M2 (For North America)
  • KV-S1026C
  • KV-S1015C

* A4, Portrait, 200 dpi

Optional Flatbed Scanner KV-SS081

Predecessor Model

A3 Size Scanner
  • KV-S5055C

* A4, Landscape, 200 dpi

A4 Size Scanner
  • KV-S1065C
  • KV-S1046C

* A4, Portrait, 200 dpi

* ENERGY STAR is applicable only in the United States, Canada and Japan.

discontinued Model

The following scanner models have been discontinued. Please click on the scanners below to view their respective replacement model.
A3 Size Scanner
  • KV-S3105C
  • KV-S3085
  • KV-S3065CW
  • KV-S7075C
  • KV-S7065C

* A4, Landscape, 200 dpi

A4 Size Scanner
  • KV-S3065CL
  • KV-S2048C
  • KV-S2028C
  • KV-S1045C
  • KV-S1025C
  • KV-S1020C

* A4, Portrait, 200 dpi

Optional Flatbed Scanner KV-SS080

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