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Innovative Paper Feed Mechanism ToughFeed*

* Applicable only for KV-S8147, KV-S8127, KV-S4085CW, KV-S4065CW, KV-S5076H, KV-S5046H and KV-S5055C

What's ToughFeed?

ToughFeed is a name given to a group of functions — Staple Document Detection, Ultrasonic Double-Feed Detection, Intelligent Feed Control and Superior Roller Mechanisms — that are featured on Panasonic scanners to ensure a smooth supply of paper into the scanner for efficient scanning always.
ToughFeed helps to prevent the unnecessary interruption of scanning work due to an equipment malfunction or double feeding that can otherwise result in un-scanned sheets, thus ensuring high work efficiency.


ToughFeed Feature Compatibility


Stapled Document Detection

Preventing Damage to the Scanning Glass

Multiple sensors are used to detect various types of stapled documents, and to immediately stop the scanner when stapling is detected. This minimizes damage to both the document and the optical glass.

Staple Position Example

Moving Picture

The above images show a KV-S4085 Series model

Ultrasonic Double-Feed Detection

Accurate Scanning

Ultrasonic sensors detect double feeds. The KV-S4085CW is equipped with three ultrasonic sensors* to cover a larger area of the document, rather than the center only, for versatile detection of things like sticky notes or small documents mixed among regular-sized documents.

* 5 Sensors: KV-S8147
3 Sensors: KV-S8127, KV-S4085CW
1 Sensor: KV-S4065CW, KV-S5076H, KV-S5046H and KV-S5055C

Moving Picture

Intelligent Feed Control

Smooth Feeding

Multiple sensors check the paper feed condition and automatically adjust the roller pressure to ensure that documents of various thicknesses are accurately fed. This makes it more reliable and accurate than conventional methods that use only the feed mechanism.


Multiple sensors constantly check the condition of the paper feed and the pressure between the document and the roller.


Superior Roller Mechanisms

Prevents scanning mis-feeds.

The paper feed rollers separate from the paper each time a sheet is fed, so the tendency to double-feed caused by the paper feed roller pressure is reduced, even when feeding paper of different thicknesses. Any paper sliding is also detected and the double feed prevention roller pressure is adjusted to prevent the paper from slipping and jamming.

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