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Why Panasonic?

Single Cell DECT System

DECT 8 Simultaneous Calls

The KX-TGP600 can be used for up to 8 simultaneous calls. In order to make 8 simultaneous calls with an ordinary DECT system, two wireless chips are required, which increases the cost. The KX-TGP600 utilizes Panasonic's unique call control technology for DECT, enabling 8 simultaneous calls to be made with a single chip.

DECT Wide Coverage

The KX-TGP600 allows up to 6 repeaters to be connected in parallel. Using a cascade connection, a maximum of 3 repeaters can be connected. Placed indoors, DECT connection can be expanded to approximately 200 meters. In addition, up to 4 simultaneous calls can be made.

KX-TGP600 cascade connection

Flat & Slim

The KX-HDV Series has a Flat & Slim design concept that blends well with notebook PCs, tablets, and other flat devices in today's IP smart offices. The thinnest part of the main unit is 20 mm, which is only half the thickness of the KX-UT Series. This elegant design frees up space on office desks.

Color Touch Display

The LCD display with backlight provides clear visibility. Models equipped with a touch display enable intuitive operation for easy use.

Self Labeling

Any desired labels can be registered for flexible function keys and displayed. Self labeling allows the limited number of flexible function keys to switch and be used on several pages. The label registration can be easily made using a computer connected to the network.


Changeable angle stand

The operation angle can be changed according to your needs.



Wall mounting

The phone can be mounted to a wall for greater installation flexibility and space-saving.

Headset connection

A built-in Electronic Hook Switch gives the IP terminals access to other-brand wireless (DECT and Bluetooth) enabled headsets. No extra costs for adaptors, special cables or handset lifters required. The KX-HDV430, KX-HDV330 and KX-UT248 also support Bluetooth® headsets.

Ergonomic recessed buttons

Buttons that fit the curves of the fingers were developed in cooperative research with a university.

Concave design

The concave design of the KX-UDT111 prevents a call from being accidentally made while the handset is placed in a pocket. It also matches the curve of the cheek while conversing for greater comfort.

Slim and light

The KX-UDT121 is approximately 18 mm thick and weighs 88 g, making it easy to carry about.


The KX-UDT131 complies with IEC standard IP65 for dust and splash resistance, allowing reliable use even in rugged environments.

Wireless desk phone

The KX-TPA65 is a DECT wireless desk phone and offers significant advantages over 'traditional' desk phones.