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Why Panasonic?

Optimized automatic white balance (AWB)

Various types of lighting are used in locations where IP Phones are used. The colors in video images appear unnatural when the white balance is not optimized for the lighting equipment. For example, in rooms where incandescent lamps are used, video images may look slightly reddish. Under fluorescent lamps, images may appear bluish. Video images are also affected by the level of brightness. The Panasonic KX-HDV430 Video Camera optimizes these characteristics with Automatic White Balance to achieve natural colors under various conditions.

The KX-HDV430 detects the light source automatically and optimize white balance.
Light source Color temperature Utilization
Incandescent lamp /
Incandescent light fluorescent lamp
Approx. 3000K Shops, Show rooms
White fluorescent lamp Approx. 4100K Shops, Show rooms, Offices
Daylight white fluorescent lamp Approx. 5000K Offices, Shopping centers

Optimized automatic exposure control (AEC)

In the office, the illuminance condition is not constant, the illuminance may change depending on the bright place, the dark place, and the passage of time. In a dark environment, since the image becomes dark, there is a general method to gain the camera sensitivity to make it brighter, but gaining the sensitivity increases the noise in the image. On the other hand, there are ways to increase the exposure to take a bright image without noise. However, in case of video, when increases the exposure and sends the images, the one frame time becomes longer to gain the exposure time, so the sending video frames per second are decreased and the video images do not become smooth. The KX-HDV 430 controls the exposure appropriately according to the illuminance in the office environment, and sends smooth video images with constant brightness without lowering the frame rate.

KX-HDV430 AEC Performance in changing illuminance

The automatic exposure control in the Panasonic KX-HDV430 has stable color reproduction without being affected by the room's illuminance.



Illumination 700lx 500lx 300lx 100lx
hdv430 700lx hdv430 500lx hdv430 300lx hdv430 100lx

Adjustable camera angle

The angle of the camera lens can be adjusted steplessly up and down. This lets you adjust the camera's shooting site to match your application. The camera lens can also be closed, which is convenient when you don't want the other party to see the site during video communication.

Stepless up and down adjustment

Camera lens can be closed