Sharing the Passion BEIJING 2022 Special Site

Sharing the Passion BEIJING 2022 Special Site

Displays for Monitoring
and Broadcast Production

Located at China National Convention Centre near National Stadium, Main Media Centre (MMC) housed both Main Press Centre (MPC) and International Broadcast Centre (IBC) under one roof to save floorspace and use resources more efficiently. MMC provided a base of operations for about 2,800 media personnel who worked to bring the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 to the world. Panasonic supplied professional displays to MPC and IBC to facilitate event monitoring, production work, and broadcast display. With wide viewing angles, high brightness, and smooth motion reproduction, the professional displays gave everyone a clear view of the action as it happened.

Main Press Centre (MPC)

TH-55VF1H LCD displays in a 3x3 videowall.

Main Press Centre (MPC) provided a workspace for media professionals covering Beijing 2022 and was open around the clock. Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) equipped the facility with about 55x Panasonic TH-55VF1H videowall displays to share broadcast feeds and other information with journalists. These
ultra-thin-bezel displays feature a highly legible panel for smooth image resolution, accurate color, and comfortable visibility when viewed at an angle.

Equipment Introduced
Professional Display TH-55VF1H x 55 Units (Approx.)

International Broadcasting Centre (IBC)

A large number of displays were used for live monitoring at IBC.

IBC served as the main hub for Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) and Rights-Holding Broadcasters (RHBs). During Beijing 2022, it hosted thousands of production personnel who worked hard to produce about 6,000 hours of live and recorded content for broadcast during the event. Panasonic provided a large number of professional displays to OBS for use in broadcast production.

Equipment Introduced
Professional Display
SQ1 Series, EQ1 Series, LFV70 Series, and others
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