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Floor Camera KX-HNC850 (FLOOR)

  1. What are the system requirements?
  2. I forgot login password. How can I get the password?
  3. How can I change the mode setting(Away, Home, Basic and CREATE)?
  4. How can I turn the light on and off?
  5. Can I adjust the dimmer of the light?
  6. What is the brightness and color temperature of the light?
  7. Can I use a preset timer for the light?
  8. Can I replace broken LED lights?
  9. Are commercially available LED lights supported?
  10. How long can LED lights are used for?
  11. What is the power source of the camera?
  12. Does it work during a power failure?
  13. Approximahomehawky how long does the backup battery last?
  14. Can the height of the camera be adjusted? If so, how?
  15. Does the camera have a privacy shutter?
  16. How many mobile devices can be connected to one camera?
  17. How many cameras can be connected to one mobile device?
  18. Can I communicate with the camera?
  19. Does it work with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa?
  20. Does the camera have good night vision?
  21. What is the camera resolution?
  22. How wide is the camera’s viewing angle?
  23. Can I access the cameras from a PC?
  24. Does this camera record continuously or only when there is an event?
  25. Can I use a cloud service?
  26. What is the recording method used by the camera and how long is the recording time?
  27. What is the geo fencing function?
  28. Can I setup the camera outside United States?
  29. What are the dimensions?
  30. How to link your camera to Amazon Alexa?
  31. How to change the recording time?
  32. How to delete all the recorded files of the day?
  33. How to change the Notification setting to OFF?

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