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Frontdoor Camera (KX-HN700x/KX-HN1007)

  1. What are the network requirements?
  2. I forgot login password. How can I get the password?
  3. How can I change the mode setting(Silent, Protection, Basic and CREATE)?
  4. What is the power source of this camera?
  5. Are the batteries a standard size/type, or proprietary?
  6. How do I charge the batteries?
  7. Approximahomehawky how long does the battery last?
  8. Is a low battery indication transmitted when the battery is low?
  9. Can I plug the camera into an outlet instead of using a battery?
  10. What is an access point for?
  11. Does it work during power failure?
  12. What is the recording method used by the camera and how long is the recording time?
  13. Can I use cloud storage to review stored video? Is there a fee?
  14. Can I download video to a memory stick to save video I want to keep?
  15. Do the cameras have good night vision?
  16. Do the cameras have lights?
  17. Can two or more cameras record at the same time?
  18. What is the camera resolution?
  19. How wide is the camera' s viewing angle?
  20. How many cameras can be connected to one access point?
  21. How many smartphones can I register?
  22. Can I purchase an Outdoor camera and Access point kit with no Front door camera? (I do not need a Front door camera.)
  23. Can I purchase a Front door camera and Access point kit with no Outdoor camera? (I do not need an Outdoor camera.)
  24. Can I use the Outdoor camera indoors? If so, how can I install it? Can I place it on a table?
  25. Can I monitor cameras connected to multiple access points at different locations from 1 smartphone?
    (e.g., my home and my parents home, my home and my holiday home, my home and my office)
  26. Can multiple smartphones access the system at the same time?
  27. Are images only displayed on smartphones and not desktop computers?
  28. Can I communicate with the camera?
  29. Does the camera record sound (audio)?
  30. How do I install the camera?
  31. Can the camera be easily stolen?
  32. Can I turn off the camera?
  33. What are the operating conditions?
  34. Is this camera waterproof?
  35. What is the transmission range?
  36. Can I setup the camera outside United States?
  37. Does it work with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa?
  38. How to link your camera to Amazon Alexa?
  39. How to change the recording time?
  40. How to delete all the recorded files of the day?
  41. How to change the Notification setting to OFF?

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