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IP Video Intercom System for Apartment Complexes


Download the application

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*The application provides support for iPhone5s and later. iPad Air and later (iOS10 and later) or Android device (Android 4.4 and later)

Type Date
App Guide (English) *1
Sep. 14, 2020
App Guide (Vietnamese) *1
Sep. 14, 2020

*1 Internet Explorer 9 or later, Firefox Ver.33.0 or later, Google Chrome Ver.38.0.2125.104 m or later, Safari 4.1 or later

About future changes (Information publication date: April 1, 2022):

 [Scheduled changes]
 - Response to our company split scheduled for April 1, 2022

 [When the change takes effect]
 After FY 2022 October

Setup tool


Model No. Type Size(KB) Date
VL-VN1900 Installation and Operating Instructions (English) 4,183 Dec. 18, 2020
Installation and Operating Instructions (Vietnamese) 7,517 Dec. 18, 2020
VL-VN1700 Installation Manual (English) 2,092 Sep. 14, 2017
Feature Manual (English) 602 Sep. 14, 2017
Operating Manual (English) 1,064 Sep. 14, 2017
PC Programming Manual (English) 1,157 Sep. 14, 2017
VL-VN1500 Installation and Operating Instructions (English) 445 Sep. 14, 2020
Installation and Operating Instructions (Vietnamese) 2,300 Sep. 14, 2020
VL-MN1000 Installation and Operating Instructions (English) 732 Sep. 14, 2020
Installation and Operating Instructions (Vietnamese) 6,487 Sep. 14, 2020
VL-VN1800 Installation Manual (English) 2,694 Dec. 18, 2020
Feature Manual (English) 768 Sep. 14, 2020
Operating Manual (English) 1,409 Dec. 18, 2020
PC Programming Manual (English) 1,175 Sep. 14, 2020


Technical Information

★Supported devices

Following IP camera and SIP phone can be used with the system.

<IP camera>
   WV-SFV311A WV-S1531LNJ WV-SP102 WV-NP502
   DG-SW395 WV-SF135 WV-SW314J WV-SP509J
   WV-SFN631L WV-SFN480    
   K-EF134L06E K-EF134L03AE K-EW114L01E  
   K-EW215L03E* K-EF235L03E* K-EW215L01E* K-EF235L01E*

*Only these models are compatible to use the
feature to show a picture on smartphone in Gate Call Solution.

<SIP Phone>
   KX-HDV430 KX-HDV230 KX-HDV130  

Technical Information


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