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Language File Name File Size Date
English Operating ManualPDF 414KB 31/Aug/2018
English Installation ManualPDF 1,037KB 31/Aug/2018
English Administrator's ManualPDF 3,745KB 31/Aug/2018


Software Version File Size Date Note 74,795KB 29/Mar/2019 Revision history

Each of the above tools is a self-extracting type file. Please execute it after downloading.
Tool Instruction is in the help folder of the extructed folder.
Please read Tool Instruction before using.
Click here for the Setting Tool and Maintenance Tool. (Required ID / Password)
Please contact your window person at Panasonic Sales for ID / password.
If old software has been installed, please uninstall it first and then install the latest software.

Software Version File Size Date
1.0.0 2,957KB 31/Aug/2018
1.0.0 823KB 31/Aug/2018

You first need to install the USB Virtual Link program, and then set up the help file.
Please follow the below instructions:
  1. Download and execute "USB Virtual Link".
  2. Execute "Cosetup.exe" in the extracted folder.
  3. Download and execute "USB Virtual Link Help".
  4. Copy the files in the "ENG" folder.
  5. Open the Help folder of the USB Virtual Link program:
      C: \ Program Files \ Panasonic \ USB Virtual Link \ Help
  6. Paste the files under the "Help" folder.