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HD Camera (KX-HNC800/KX-HN1003)

  1. Is the HD camera camera wall mountable?Or can the HD camera attached the camera tripod in the marketplace?
  2. Does the HD camera pan and tilt?
  3. Is the HD camera waterproof?
  4. Does the HD camera have a zoom feature?
  5. What is the length of the HD camera's power cord?
  6. What image sensor is being used in the HD camera?
  7. What is the operating temperature of the HD camera?
  8. What are the system requirements?
  9. How many smartphones/tablets can be registered to the HD camera?
  10. What is the 'Privacy shutter'
  11. Can I view the camera at night?
  12. Can I get a notification when camera built-in motion sensor is triggered?
  13. Do I need a Hub(KX-HNB600) to use the HD camera?
  14. How many cameras can I view at the same time?
  15. I cannot connect to the HD camera while at home ([Connection unsuccessful] is displayed)
  16. I forgot the login password
  17. How many hours of recording can be done on the microSD card?
  18. Does the cameras record concurrently for all cameras or only one at a time. If the latter what is the priority?
  19. Can this unit connect to 5Ghz networks?
  20. How many HD cameras can I connect to my mobile device?
  21. How many mobile devices can I connect to one HD camera?
  22. How many mobile devices can access the HD camera at the same time?
  23. What is the camera angle of this unit?
  24. What is the image sensor of this unit?
  25. What resolutions can this unit support?
  26. Does the HD camera support night vision, if so what is the range?
  27. Can the IR LED's for night vision be turned off?
  28. Can the front LED be turned off?
  29. Is the HD camera waterproof?
  30. Can I view the HD camera from a PC/Mac?
  31. Why does the remote connection take long time to connect?
  32. What is the minimum internet speed required to access the system?
  33. When I open the iOS app on iphone to access camera remoetly from outside through 3G/4G/LTE, error message below appear.
  34. Why do I get an error message when performing an initial setup using an Samsung Galaxy mobile device?
  35. Why is it difficult to connect to camera when away from home?
    (Only for KX-HN1003W / KX-HN1003B / KX-HNC800B / KX-HNC805B users in US / Canada)
  36. How to change the video to Upside Down?
  37. How to delete all the recorded files of the day?
  38. How to change the Notification setting to OFF?

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