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Home Network

Hub (KX-HNB600, FV-HBVK1)

  1. What is the answering system recording capacity?
  2. What happens to the recordings that is in progress in case of power loss to the hub?
  3. What is the operating temperature spec of the Hub?
  4. Is the Hub wall mountable?
  5. Does a LAN cable need to connect to the Hub?
  6. Do I have to connect the hub to the landline?
  7. How can I set up my system, if I have two routers connected to each other?
  8. How many mobile devices can be registered to the hub?
  9. Can a conventional DECT handset be registered to the hub? (For USA and Canada)
  10. Can a conventional DECT handset be registered to the hub? (For Europe)
  11. Can I use a DECT repeater with the Hub?
  12. Can I access and control multiple hubs using a smartphone or tablet?
  13. Is the Hub compatible with 3rd party product?
  14. How do you adjust the Alert volume heard from the Hub?
  15. What is the alert volume of the Hub?
  16. What type of memory card can I use in with the KX-HNB600, FV-HBVK1 hub?
  17. What precautions should I take before removing the Micro SD card from the Hub?
  18. What happens if I make a recording setting without inserting a microSD card into the Hub?
  19. How can I update the software of the Hub?
  20. How can the LED light of the Hub be turned off?
  21. What is the length of the power cord?
  22. What is the weight of the Hub?
  23. What are the Dimensions of the Hub?
  24. How do I reset the KX-HNB600, FV-HBVK1 Network setting from the telephone handset KX-HNH100?
  25. How to set up a device profile for products registered to your Panasonic Home Monitoring System
  26. How can I deregister a smart device from the hub?
  27. How do I reset the wi-fi connection?
  28. Why is the hub beeping?
  29. What is the wireless communication range of the KX-HNB600, FV-HBVK1 hub and compatible devices?
  30. What are security cautions I need to know when using the KX-HNB600, FV-HBVK1 hub?
  31. Where is the best place to locate the KX-HNB600, FV-HBVK1 hub?
  32. Will the KX-HNB600, FV-HBVK1 hub work during a power failure?
  33. Can I record images with the KX-HNB600, FV-HBVK1 hub?
  34. The Hub can not connect to the router.

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