Connecting from your mobile device

Refer to the following after checking the general troubleshooting information described in General information.
[Device is in use.] is displayed
Another user (i.e., mobile device) is already connected to the hub, the same screen, or the same feature.
Wait for the other user to finish and then try again.
[Hub is busy.] is displayed
Another event, such as a sensor detection or a landline call being received, interrupted the current operation.
Wait and try again later.
[This setting is only available when this mobile device is connected to the same Wi-Fi Home Network as the hub.] is displayed
While away from home (i.e., while your mobile device was not connected to the same wireless router as the hub), you tried to access settings that are only available while at home.
Try again when at home.
[The hub is not receiving a signal.] is displayed
The hub cannot receive a signal from the device you are trying to operate.
Make sure the device is receiving power, or that its batteries have adequate charge remaining.
Move the device closer to the hub or, if possible, remove any obstacles between the device and the hub.
[Time out] is displayed
While using a certain feature, you paused for a length of time without performing any actions.
If you pause for too long while operating certain features, the hub may cancel the operation so that other users can connect. Try again.
[Deregistered by other user] is displayed
Another user deregistered your mobile device.
Register your mobile device again (Registering other mobile devices to the hub).
[The hub is not responding. Please check network condition.] is displayed
The hub is not turned on.
Make sure the hub is connected to a power outlet.
The hub’s firmware is being updated.
Wait for the firmware update to finish and then try again.
[Failed] is displayed
An error occurred while configuring the hub.
Check all connections and try again.
[Setup failed.] is displayed
An error occurred during initial setup.
Check all connections and try again.
[Remotely Connected] is displayed even while at home
Your mobile device is not connected to your wireless router.
Make sure your mobile device’s Wi-Fi feature is turned on and that your mobile device is connected to your wireless router.
The app’s wireless access point list is full.
Delete any unnecessary wireless access points from the list (Deleting wireless access points).
The connection is slow or disconnects while away from home
There is too much traffic on your home network or on the mobile device’s network.
Wait for network traffic to decrease.
I cannot connect to my devices
You replaced your wireless router with a new router, or changed your wireless router’s SSID (i.e., network name) or password.
Change the hub’s Wi-Fi settings to match the settings of your wireless router. See Setting the hub’s Wi-Fi settings again.
Your wireless router is using the 5 GHz band for wireless communication.
Your wireless router at home is connected to another router.
If your wireless router is connected to another router, make sure your network is configured so that your mobile device and the hub can communicate over your home network. We recommend making sure the DHCP feature of only one router is enabled and setting the other routers to “access point mode” or “bridge mode”.
Your wireless router uses MAC address filtering to limit the devices that can connect to the router.
Temporarily disable your wireless router’s MAC address filtering feature, then connect to the hub again. Make a note of the hub’s MAC address and add it to your wireless router’s list of MAC address that are allowed to connect to the router. You can confirm the hub’s MAC address on the [Current Status] screen (Confirming network information).
I cannot connect while away from home
You are using a public Wi-Fi network.
Network traffic, network conditions, and the network provider’s settings or policies may prevent the connection. Use a private Wi-Fi network or your mobile network service provider’s wireless network (3G, 4G, etc.).
The date and time setting is incorrect.
Adjust the hub’s date and time setting ([Time Adjustment]).
Sometimes I cannot connect while at home
There is too much traffic on your home network.
Wait for network traffic to decrease.
Refer to the operating instructions included with your wireless router for other possible solutions.
Your mobile device is discovering too many nearby wireless networks.
Move your mobile device closer to your wireless router.
Your mobile device has too many wireless networks stored in its Wi-Fi list.
Use your mobile device’s “forget this Wi-Fi network” feature and delete any unnecessary/unused wireless networks from the list. Refer to your mobile device’s operating instructions or support site for details.
I forgot the login password for the hub
Connect to the hub while at home and change the password. (The password is not required when your mobile device is connected to the same wireless router as the hub.)
If for some reason you cannot connect to the hub while at home and change the password, force the hub to reset its settings (Forcing the hub to reset all settings) and then configure the hub again.