Sensor features

Refer to the following after checking the general troubleshooting information described in General information.
[Out of Range] is displayed
The hub could not communicate with the sensor.
Make sure the sensor is located within range of the hub and that its battery has adequate charge remaining.
The hub was recently turned on or restarted.
Sensors may appear to be out of range of the hub for 30 minutes or longer after the hub is turned on or restarts. The sensors will make detections as normal during this time. The [Out of Range] message will be cleared when you operate the sensors.
I cannot remember the names I assigned to my devices
If you register a large number of devices to the hub, you may forget which name is assigned to each device.
Window/door sensors
Close all the windows and doors that have sensors attached to them. Open one window or door. You can find the name of the corresponding window/door sensor by checking the sensor status screen (app’s home screen → [Sensor]image): the corresponding window/door sensor’s icon will be listed under [Detected] and the icon will appear as an open window or door.
Motion sensors
Arm the alarm system and enable the desired motion sensor for the current arm mode. Trigger the motion sensor. If the app is configured to display notifications when the alarm system is triggered (Notification settings), the name of the motion sensor will be displayed in the notification that is displayed.
Water leak sensors
Simulate a water leak by pouring a small amount of water onto the floor or installation surface so that both probes are wet. If the app is configured to display notifications when the water leak sensor has detected a water leak (Notification settings), the name of the water leak sensor will be displayed in the notification that is displayed.
Use the [Installation Test] option in each siren’s device profile to sound each siren (Device profiles for sirens).
Smart plugs
Turn off all smart plugs. Turn on one smart plug. You can find the name of the corresponding smart plug by checking which smart plug’s LED indicator is lit in green.
Notifications are not received, sensor detections are not displayed in the [Sensor] screen
The alarm system is not armed.
The sensor is not enabled for the current arm mode.
Change the settings for the current arm mode (Alarm system settings).
The desired feature is not enabled.
Temperature alert (indoor cameras only) and sound alert (indoor camera only) do not function as part of the alarm system. Make sure the desired feature is enabled (Temperature alert (indoor cameras), Sound alert (indoor cameras))
The hub’s date and time setting is incorrect.
Adjust the date and time setting ([Time Adjustment]).
The glass break sensor makes false detections; battery life seems too short
False detections may occur and battery life may be drastically reduced if devices that produce continuous sound (TVs, music players or speakers, musical instruments, etc.) are located near the sensor.
Move any such devices further away from the sensor, or re-locate the sensor.