Smart plug features

Refer to the following after checking the general troubleshooting information described in General information.
[Device is in use.] is displayed
Another user (i.e., mobile device) is already accessing the hub, the same screen, or the same feature.
Wait for the other user to finish and then try again.
[Failed] is displayed
The smart plug is out of range of the hub.
Move the smart plug closer to the hub and try again.
An error occurred while connecting to the smart plug.
Check all connections and try again.
[System is busy. Please try again later.]
Another event, such as a sensor detection or a landline call being received, interrupted the current operation.
Wait and try again later.
I cannot remember the names I assigned to my smart plugs
Energy consumption is displayed as “0.00 kWh” even though I am using the connected electric device
If an electric device that consumes very little power is connected, such as a low-power LED lamp, energy consumption may be displayed as “0.00 kWh”.