General information

If you experience any trouble while using this product, the following information will solve most problems. If the trouble persists, refer to the appropriate section in this chapter according to the trouble you are experiencing.
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Use these steps to make sure that all devices are receiving power.
Make sure the following devices are turned on. Check all AC adaptor connections.
Refer to the operating instructions included with the device for more information.
Wireless router
Cable or DSL modem
Network switch
Make sure the electric outlets used to power the devices are functioning. If an electric outlet can be turned on and off by a switch, make sure the switch is turned on.
Make sure the batteries installed in all sensors have adequate charge remaining.
Check the sensor’s status screen for “low battery” or “out of range” errors (Viewing sensor status). Refer to the Installation Guide included with your device for information about battery replacement.

Network devices

Use these steps to make sure that each of your network devices and your Internet connection are working properly.
Make sure all cables connected between your wireless router and any other network devices are functioning and connected properly.
Make sure that devices connected to your wireless router can connect to the Internet.
Refer to the operating instructions included with your wireless router for troubleshooting information if necessary. For some Internet connection issues, you may need to contact your Internet service provider.

System connection

Use these steps to make sure that your mobile device can connect to your devices.
Make sure the hub can connect to your wireless router.
Disconnect the hub’s AC adaptor, connect it again, and wait for the hub to start up. If the hub’s LED indicator remains blinking in green after a few minutes, the hub is not connected to your wireless router. In this case, reconnect the hub to your wireless router (Setting the hub’s Wi-Fi settings again).
Make sure your mobile device can connect to your hub while you are at home.
Check your mobile device’s Wi-Fi settings and confirm that it is connected to your wireless router.
Next, use the [Home Network] app to connect to the hub, and confirm that [Home Wi-Fi Connected] is displayed at the top of the home screen.
Make sure your devices are registered to the hub. Register them if they are not (Registering devices).
Check the camera list (Viewing the camera list). If a camera is displayed in the camera list, it is registered; if it is not displayed, it is not registered.
Press the sensor’s registration button. If the sensor’s LED indicator lights in red or green, the sensor is registered; if it blinks in red, the sensor is not registered.
If the siren’s LED indicator blinks slowly in red, the siren is not registered.
Smart plugs
Check the smart plug’s LED indicator. If the smart plug’s LED indicator blinks in red, it may be out of range of the hub or not registered. If the LED indicator is not blinking in red, try turning the smart plug on or off; if you can turn it on or off, it is registered.
Make sure your devices have adequate signal strength.
Check the signal strength (Device signal strength) and move devices closer to the hub if necessary.