Alarm system features

Refer to the following after checking the general troubleshooting information described in General information.
The arm mode icon at the top of the home screen does not indicate the current mode
Another user changed the arm mode.
If another user changes the arm mode, the arm mode icons displayed at the top of the home screen of your mobile device will not change immediately. The icons will be updated and display the current arm mode the next time the app refreshes the home screen, such as when you start the app or return to the home screen from another screen.
The siren stops sounding or flashing before I cancel an alert
When the alarm system is triggered, the hub signals the siren to begin sounding or flashing its strobe light. If the alert has not been canceled, the hub signals the siren to stop sounding or flashing 1 minute later. If for some reason the hub cannot signal the siren, the siren stops by itself after an additional 1 minute (i.e., about 2 minutes after it first began sounding or flashing).