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Home Network

Outdoor Camera (KX-HNC600)

  1. Can the zoom in and out when viewing recorded video from the camera?
  2. What video format does this unit records?
  3. Can 4 cameras record at the same time when connected to the hub?
  4. How many hours of recording can be done on the microSD card?
  5. How do ''Visual sensor'' and ''Infrared sensor'' work differently?
  6. The camera's sensor is triggered too easily (False detection)
  7. Camera recording does not start immediately after the sensor is triggered
  8. I have to wait a long time before camera images are displayed while away from home
  9. Camera images are not displayed at first while away from home, and are displayed after some time passes
  10. Colors in camera images appear different from normal
  11. There is a long delay when talking to the camera while away from home
  12. Colors in Outdoor camera images appear washed out.
  13. Why do I hear a constant clicking sound at night from the Indoor/Outdoor camera when it is placed close to a glass window?
  14. Why does the picture look washed out or too dark?
  15. What is the operating temperature spec of the Outdoor camera?
  16. Is the Outdoor camera wall mountable?
  17. Is the Outdoor camera waterproof?
  18. If the camera is installed upside down, will the camera view also be upside down?
  19. How many cameras can I connect to the KX-HNB600, FV-HBVK1 hub?
  20. What is the angular field of view of the Outdoor camera?
  21. Does the Outdoor camera support night vision?
  22. Does the Outdoor camera pan and tilt?
  23. Do the home network cameras KX-HNC200/600 have a zoom feature?
  24. Why does the Outdoor camera view sometimes freeze?
  25. Why is sometimes the picture not smooth while viewing the Outdoor camera?
  26. Why is the picture blurry sometimes for Outdoor camera?
  27. What is the motion detection range of the Outdoor camera?
  28. Does the Outdoor camera motion sensor detect the motion of pets?
  29. What detection features are included in the Outdoor camera?
  30. Can I set a detection area in the Outdoor camera view?
  31. What image sensor is being used in the Outdoor camera?
  32. Why I am not able to receive the triggered notification of the Outdoor camera motion sensor?
  33. Why am I not able to talk through the camera when I press the talk button?
  34. Why do I hear a feedback noise on my smartphone when I'm close to the Outdoor camera?
  35. What type of the video compression is used?
  36. What is the maximum camera recording time for each event?
  37. Is audio recorded with the videos?
  38. Where are the photos and videos taken by the home network cameras saved?
  39. What is the weight of the Outdoor camera?
  40. What are the Dimensions of the Outdoor camera?
  41. What is the length of the Outdoor camera power cord?
  42. Can the IR LED's be turned off?
  43. How can the camera views on the multi screen be re arranged?
  44. Instructional Video - How to select an installation location for the Panasonic home network outdoor camera model KX-HNC600.
  45. How do I register additional cameras to the hub KX-HNB600, FV-HBVK1?
  46. What do the built in sensors of the outdoor camera KX-HNC600 do?
  47. Is the outdoor camera KX-HNC600 a colour camera?
  48. Instructional Video - How to set the camera detection area.
  49. Instructional Video - How to use the live camera controls
  50. When using the camera “Talk” (Hold-to-Talk) feature in the Home Network App, audio cannot be heard from the camera when using an iOS device. What could possible be wrong?
  51. What do the different colours of the Status indicator mean on the KX-HNC200/600 camera mean?
  52. Will the camera work during a power failure?
  53. Why is the camera's LED indicator blinking quickly in red?
  54. What is Visual sensor?
  55. What is Infrared sensor?
  56. Can the LED be turned off?

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