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Wi-Fi Phone for Skype

FAQs for Wi-Fi Phone



Question1. Does it have the all of the same functions as the computer version of Skype?


No. You cannot use the chat function, host function for conference calls, video call, file send or receive function, or Skype SMS (pay service) in Skype Version 2.5.

Question2. Is it possible to use with hotspots?


Since pay hotspots need network authentication, it cannot be used. This is true with other makers as well. Free spots can be used, but security is poor. However, WP1050 will automatically set high level encryption between a router and a cordless handset.

Question3. Is it possible to use in any hotel without a computer?


Unlike other makers that can only be used with a WLAN, WP1050 comes with a travel router and can be used with a LAN. However, when ID and password are necessary, you have to enter ID and password from your computer once.

Question4. Is it possible to register Skype through WP1050?


You can get an account for Skype-to-Skype call service. But you need to register for pay services such as SkypeOut or SkypeIn through the Internet.

Question5. What is the purpose of a router?


It has several purposes.
It allows you to connect in an environment where WLAN is not available.
It allows easy setup of high Wi-Fi security.
It allows you to preset and use Skype without taking a computer.
It ensures stable communications by searching for the cleanest open channel.
It allows you to use a computer and Wi-Fi phone at the same time.

All of the above provide a better environment for Skype users.

Question6. The price seems more expensive than other makers?


That is because our product is an all-in-one compact package. It includes Wi-Fi phone, stand, cable, and router all nestled into one pure high quality leather case. Getting just a Wi-Fi phone seems cost-effective until you consider the Wi-Fi phone to LAN problem, the difficult security setup, and the need to depend on the access points system (such as a low-security WEP). We believe that our first priority is to make a safe and comfortable environment for our users.

Question7. Is only the English menu available?


Yes. But Latin languages can be displayed on the contact list instead of English.

Question8. Is only the English menu available?


The following languages can be displayed with English and Latin-1.
Afrikaans (South Africa), Basque (Holland, Spain), Catalan (Spain, France, Andorra, Italy), Danish, Dutch, English, Faeroese (Faeroe), Finnish, French, Galician (Spain), German, Icelandic, Irish, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Scottish, Spanish, Swedish

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