SQ1 Series

Model Number CAD

TH-98SQ1 LCD Display: 283 KB

With Wall-hanging bracket: 206 KB

TH-98SQ1 LCD Display: 2.45 MB

With Wall-hanging bracket: 671 KB

RFA file

TH-86SQ1 LCD Display: 248 KB

With Wall-hanging bracket: 221 KB

TH-86SQ1 LCD Display: 5.77 MB

With Wall-hanging bracket: 999 KB


TH-75SQ1 LCD Display: 239 KB

With Wall-hanging bracket (Horizontal): 104 KB

With Wall-hanging bracket (Vertical): 137 KB

With Pedestal: 90.9 KB

TH-75SQ1 LCD Display: 4.08 MB

With Wall-hanging bracket (Horizontal): 415 KB

With Wall-hanging bracket (Vertical): 871 KB

With Pedestal: 1.21 MB


TH-65SQ1 LCD Display: 257 KB

With Wall-hanging bracket (Horizontal)

With Wall-hanging bracket (Vertical)

With Pedestal: 143 KB

TH-65SQ1 LCD Display: 2.54 MB

With Wall-hanging bracket (Horizontal)

With Wall-hanging bracket (Vertical)

With Pedestal: 1.01 MB


TH-55SQ1 LCD Display: 171 KB

With Pedestal: 129 KB

TH-55SQ1 LCD Display: 2.14 MB

With Pedestal: 850 KB


TH-49SQ1 LCD Display: 216 KB

With Pedestal: 131 KB

TH-49SQ1 LCD Display: 2.00 MB

With Pedestal: 945 KB


EQ1 Series

Model Number CAD

TH-86EQ1 LCD Display: 236 KB

With Wall-hanging bracket: 221 KB

TH-86EQ1 LCD Display: 5.21 MB

With Wall-hanging bracket: 664 KB

RFA file

TH-75EQ1 LCD Display: 209 KB

With Pedestal: 93.7 KB

With Wall-hanging bracket: 209 KB

TH-75EQ1 LCD Display: 3.48 MB

With Pedestal: 1.35 MB

With Wall-hanging bracket: 1.13 MB


TH-65EQ1 LCD Display: 205 KB

With Pedestal: 88.0 KB

With Wall-hanging bracket: 189 KB

TH-65EQ1 LCD Display: 2.81 MB

With Pedestal: 1.87 MB

With Wall-hanging bracket: 937 KB


TH-55EQ1 LCD Display: 141 KB

With Pedestal: 72.1 KB

TH-55EQ1 LCD Display: 1.73 MB

With Pedestal: 1.87 MB


TH-50EQ1 LCD Display: 195 KB

With Pedestal: 68.5 KB

TH-50EQ1 LCD Display: 3.41 MB

With Pedestal: 1.61 MB


TH-43EQ1 LCD Display: 142 KB

With Pedestal: 69.3 KB

TH-43EQ1 LCD Display: 4.03 MB

With Pedestal: 3.59 MB