Control Software for Multi Window Processor (for Windows)

License Agreement

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Software Licensing Agreement

Use of this Software is governed by the terms defined in this Software Licensing Agreement

Article 1    License
Licensee is granted the right to use this software, including the information recorded or described on the CD-ROM and in the instruction manual and any other media provided to the Licensee (collectively "Software"), but all applicable rights to copyright or intellectual property in the Software are not transferable to the Licensee.

Article 2    Use by a Third Party
Licensee may not transfer or allow any third party, to use or copy the Software, whether free of charge or not.

Article 3    Restrictions on Copying the Software
Licensee may make a single copy of the Software in whole or in part solely for backup purposes.

Article 4    Computer
Licensee may install and use the Software on more than one computer owned or managed by Licensee. However, such use is restricted to only applications involving the display.

Article 5    Reverse Engineering, Decompiling or Disassembly
Licensee may not reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the Software. Panasonic shall not be bound by warranty for any defects in the Software caused by License's reverse engineering, decompiling or disassembly of the Software.
Furthermore, Panasonic or its distributors or dealers will not be responsible for any damage to the Licensee caused by Licensee's reverse engineering, decompiling or disassembly of the Software.

Article 6    After-sales Service
If a problem should occur with the Software while Licensee is using the Software, Licensee should notify Panasonic of the problem by telephone or letter. Panasonic shall undertake to notify Licensee of whether the problem is a known error in the program ("bug"), or whether the way in which the Software is to be used should be modified.
Furthermore, the Software is subject to revision without prior notice.

Article 7    Indemnification
Panasonic's liability with respect to this Software is limited to the conditions defined in Article 6 herein.
Panasonic or any of its distributors or dealers shall not be liable for any damage suffered by Licensee, either directly or through claims from a third party, arising from or in connection with Licensee's use of the Software.
Furthermore, Panasonic makes absolutely no warranty for the use of this Software for any purpose other than for applications associated with the display with which this Software is bundled.

Article 8    Export Control
Licensee agrees that the Software will not be shipped, transferred or exported into any country or used in any manner prohibited by the United States Export Administration Act or any other applicable export laws, restrictions or regulations (collectively the "Export Laws"). In addition, if the Software is identified as export controlled items under the Export Laws, Licensee represents and warrants that Licensee is not a citizen, or otherwise located within, an embargoed nation (including without limitation Iran, Syria, Sudan, Cuba and North Korea) and that Licensee is not otherwise prohibited under the Export Laws from receiving the Software. All rights to Use the Software are granted on condition that such rights are forfeited if Licensee fails to comply with the terms of this Agreement.

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