Pairing Tool Software for Windows

This software is used to pair (register) an Electronic Pen and an Electronic Pen Adaptor when not using elite Panaboard software or whiteboard software. The Electronic Pen can be used for Mouse operation.

Model TH-65PB2, TH-50PB2, TH-103PB1, TH-85PB1, TH-65PB1, TH-50PB1*
Operating System Windows® XP SP3 or later,
Windows® Vista SP2 or later,
Windows® 7 Service Pack 1 (Except for Starter and Home Basic versions).
Windows® 8 (Except for Windows® RT).
File Name
Size 508 KB
Version Ver.
Last Update 18 September, 2013
Note Revision History

* Americas only

* Applicable languages: Japanese, English, Russian, German, Spanish, Italian, Canadian French, French, Simplified Chinese and Arabic.

* When using the Electronic Pen that is included with the TH-65PB1/TH-50PB1, or the Electronic Pen in the Electronic Pen Kit (TY-TPEN1PB) or Remote Pointer Kit (TY-TPEN1RM) with Windows 8, an Electronic Pen Adaptor with Windows 8 compatibility is required. Please contact us.

* Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 (SP2 or later) or 3.5 (SP1 or later) is required for using the pairing tool software. If Microsoft .NET Framework is not installed on your computer, an Application Error message will appear and the software cannot be executed.
Method of Installing Microsoft NET. Framework 3.5

How to Download and Install

  1. Click the and the "Software Licensing Agreement" window will appear.
    Select [Agree] and the installer will begin to download automatically.
  2. Once the installer has been downloaded, double click
    This will uncompress the installation files and create a folder named
  3. Double click the PDPairingTool.exe in the PDPairingTool folder.

Electronic Pen USB Driver, Pairing Tool Software for Mac

This USB driver makes it possible to operate the mouse function with the Electronic Pen.
Software for pairing (registering) the Electronic Pen and Electronic Pen Adaptor is also included.

Models TH-65PB2/TH-50PB2
Electronic Pen:TY-TPEN2 (optional)
Operating System Mac OS® X 10.6.8 / 10.7.5
OS X® 10.8.4
File Name IPD_driver_230_Mac.pkg
Size 441 KB
Version Ver. 2.3.0 (USB driver)
Ver. 3.0.0 (Pairing tool)
Last Update 25 June 2013
Note Revision History
  • Applicable languages: Japanese, English
  • Download the software and open the file.
    When the IPD_driver_230_Mac.pkg file displayed on the PC desktop is started, the installation will begin.
    Before installing, please read the Electronic Pen USB Driver, Pairing Tool Software (Mac Version) User's Guide.

* If the elite Panaboard software is already installed on your PC, it is not necessary to install this USB driver.

* This USB driver does not allow the simultaneous use of two or more Electronic Pens.

* This USB driver allows a maximum of four Electronic Pens to be registered.

  • This USB driver does not allow the use of some Electronic Pen buttons. For details, please read the User's Guide.
  • When used with Mac OS® X 10.6, a Developer ID Certification Authority must be installed before installing this USB driver. Click the following link to open the installation instructions (in PDF format).
  • Developer ID Certification Authority Installation Instructions

Electronic Pen USB Driver, Pairing Tool Software (Mac Version) User's Guide

File Name PB2_MacGuide_English.pdf
Size 147 KB
Last Update 25 June 2013