PressIT Firmware

There may be firmware update on PressIT due to funcational improvement regulary.
We recommend to updated the firmware to the latest version for better use of PressIT.
Please refer to Operating Instructions for more details.
PressIT must be connected to the Internet in order to perform firmware update.

Lastest Firmware version:(last update: 6 Jan, 2022)


  • Receiver (Box: TY-WPR1): V1.12412.676​
  • Receiver (Board: TY-SB01WP): V1.12412.676​
  • Transmitter (USB/HDMI: TY-WPB1): V1.12412.676​
  • Transmitter (USB-C: TY-WPBC1): V1.12412.676​

Changes from the receiver (Box): V1.9598.583, receiver (Board): V1.9598.583,
transmitter (USB/HDMI): V1.9598.583, transmitter (USB-C): V1.9598.583​

  • Added "Signal Strength" setting
  • Other malfunctions have been fixed.

Additional Web Setting Functions (Firmware version 1.9598.583 and later) Instruction <Here>.

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