PressIT360 Firmware

There may be firmware update on PressIT360 due to funcational improvement.
We recommend to updated the firmware to the latest version for better use of PressIT360.
Please refer to Operating Instructions for more details.

Lastest Firmware version:(last update: 17 February, 2023)


  • PressIT360(TY-CSP1): 0.0.7904.28/ 0.0.7904.26

Changes from 0.0.7904.22.‚Äč

  • Standard zoom and high zoom versions available
  • Update on image quality settings
  • Other minor modifications

Two types of firmware for the main unit are available for this model.1
Please select according to the usage environment and application.

  • (1) Standard Zoom Version: Firmware version 0.0.7904. 28
    This is the standard zoom2 firmware.

    [ (89.3 MB)]

  • (2) High Zoom Version: Firmware version 0.0.7904.26.
    This is firmware that zoom the subject in focus2 and displays them.

    [ (89.3 MB)]

1: Firmware version 0.0.7904.22 or earlier is the high zoom version.

2: Zoom of subject when using dual/single/multi view.

How to check the firmware version of the main unit (check with PC application)

  • Run the PressIT360 application and display the "Diagnostic utility".
  • If (High Zoom) is displayed next to the firmware version number, it is the high magnification version of the firmware.