Professional Signage Displays Featuring Android™ based OpenPort PLATFORM®Professional Signage Displays Featuring Android™ based OpenPort PLATFORM®

Touch Screen

BF1 SeriesTH-80BF1 / TH-65BF1

* Stock availability. There is a limited number of TH-65BF1 display in stock.

Connect. Create. Share. A Turnkey Display
That Brings Out the Best in People.

Good communication is key in the office or classroom. The Panasonic BF1 Series puts the tools you need to achieve it at your fingertips. Start presenting instantly on the whiteboard, import and modify media wirelessly, brainstorm ideas with teams in remote locations, and email progress direct from the display. Do it all from an intuitive touchscreen with fewer cables and no need for a remote.

  • Protective Glass
  • Multi Touch
  • Interactive
  • Portrait
  • SLOT 2.0

350 cd/m²
350 cd/m²

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On-screen Menu Bar Keeps You In Control

Don't lose the crowd—or your cool—in endless menus while you search for content or functions. With the BF1 Series, everything is to hand in a discreet menu bar at the bottom of the screen that offers instant access to source inputs, whiteboard tools, and other controls you use most frequently. Even when the pressure's on, you'll look like a pro.

User-Friendly Menu Bar

Frequently used functions such as input selection, pen tool, enlargement tool, and volume control can be found in the menu bar. Access detailed information or hide it for uninterrupted full-screen display.

Quick-Start Whiteboard

Start working on the built-in whiteboard right away — just switch on the display. Intuitive operation makes life easy for kids and less tech-savvy presenters.

Makes Notes Fast

Use the tool palette to write text and draw freehand on your document. Save it to memory or email it direct from the display. Included stylus pens and eraser let you write large amounts of text just like a regular whiteboard.

Connect a Variety of Devices and Switch Sources Quickly

Up to four of your most frequently used inputs can be named and assigned to the menu bar for quick and easy switching. Smooth operation without a remote controller allows you to focus on making a creative presentation.

Play USB Content Instantly

Playing Full HD video, still images, and digital documents from USB storage devices couldn't be easier. Just insert a thumb drive into the USB port and start presenting without needing to connect a PC. The Memory Viewer app enables image* (JPEG, BMP) and video* (WMV, AVI, MOV, MP4, MPG) selection from handy thumbnail previews.

* In some cases, files may not be viewable even if they are encoded in a supported format.

Write and Draw on Video and Still Images

You can write and draw on almost any media you like, including video and still images from external devices. These dynamic multi-media capabilities make it easy for teams to share information, contribute ideas, and solve problems.

Note: Drawing on media transmitted via Mirroring Input is not supported.

Easy to Save and Share

Produce up to 100 pages*1 of work on the whiteboard and save them to the built-in memory*2 or USB thumb drive as JPEG image files. You can also copy data stored on internal memory to a USB drive, or send your pages as image files directly from the screen via email*3. Keeping everyone in the loop is simple.

*1: With built-in memory setting to ON. When individual file data size is large, the number of pages that can be saved may decrease.

*2: Built-in memory ON/OFF is included. When OFF is selected, only one whiteboard page can be created.

*3 Can be sent as JPEG format only.

Built-in Speakers

BF1 Series displays feature a pair of built-in 20 W [10 W + 10 W] speakers for clear and powerful audio playback.

Practical Applications

  • For Presentations
    Switch on. Start work. Make notes, draw, add graphics, display documents, video, and more. Save as image files and email. Couldn't be simpler!

  • In the Classroom
    Precise 12-point multi-touch control and user-friendly menu bar make it easier for students to understand any subject using the display's powerful features.

  • Video Conferences
    The BF1 Series not only lets your teams videoconference*, it allows them to work on documents together in split-screen mode at the same time.

    * Additional equipment and subscription required for video- and web-conferencing system.

  • For Meetings
    Media such as websites, documents, and PC desktops can be mirrored wirelessly* from compatible devices on the big screen.

    * Drawing on media transmitted via Mirroring Input is not supported

  • For Process Management
    The BF1 Series has useful application in industry. Staff can manage production processes, scheduling, and share spreadsheet data on-screen.

  • For Public Information
    Connected to appropriate PC software, the BF1 Series excels as an interactive touch-screen display for museums, exhibitions, and more.

Panasonic Wireless Solution

Panasonic's Wireless Display function supports secure high-bandwidth wireless transmission from compatible Windows® PCs. Panasonic apps for Windows®, Mac, iOS, and Android™ add a raft of extra easy-to-use functions including Multi-Live Mode in split-screen.

Important notice

Announcing Discontinued Support for the Intel® WiDi and Intel® Pro WiDi

* Excluding handle part


Announcing Discontinued Support for the Intel® WiDi and Intel® Pro WiDi

Thank you, first of all, for your continued patronage of our products.

Please be advised that Intel has announced that they will cease support for their Intel® WiDi and Intel® Pro WiDi products. Unfortunately, this means that we also will need to discontinue support for the use of Intel® WiDi and Intel® Pro WiDi functions in our products.

From now on, we recommend that you use Miracast, which is supported as a standard function in Windows 8.1 or later computers.

* Please be aware that Miracast cannot be used on some computers. If you are unsure of compatibility, please consult your computer manufacturer prior to purchase.

Applicable Models: BF1 Series

For more information, please visit the Intel Corporation.

Product Discontinuation Notice for Intel® WiDi and Intel® Pro WiDi

Wireless Display with Wi-Fi-Certified Miracast*

* Drawing on media transmitted via Mirroring Input is not supported.

Share It On the Big Screen

Still images, video, and audio are all smoothly transmitted peer-to-peer from Windows® PCs and Android™ devices. Video content is supported at up to 1080p resolution, with high-bandwidth performance ensuring stutter-free video playback.

Selectable Display Modes

Display modes comprising Duplicate, Extend, and Second Screen allow your source device screen and the display to interact in different ways depending on your needs in the meeting space or classroom.

Duplicate Mode
Mirror your device's screen on the display

Extend Mode
Use the display as an extended PC screen

Second Screen Only
PC screen is shown only on the display

Prevents Improper Connection

A PIN code appears when a user attempts to connect to the display. Only those with access can transmit wirelessly, preventing improper or accidental use.

Smooth Video Playback

The Wireless Display feature is optimized to ensure smooth and uninterrupted playback of online streaming video sources, adding another layer of versatility and convenience.

Selectable Channels

Selectable 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz* channels for areas with Wi-Fi® congestion are included.

Panasonic Wireless Manager

  • Fast and stable wireless connection
  • Connect 4 or 16 PCs in Multi-Live Mode

Download free from Wireless Manager ME

Quick 3-Step Connection

Panasonic Wireless Apps

  • Dedicated wireless apps for iOS and Android™
  • Fewer steps to connect
  • Wide media compatibility and functionality

Download free via App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android™). Search for "wireless projector".

Multi-Live Mode

Apps for PC, iOS, Android™, and Easy Wireless Stick feature Multi-Live Mode. This function enables media display from up to 16 different devices in split-screen configuration (4 or 16 window). You can also transmit content from one PC to up to eight projectors or displays.

* When using the [Simple], [S- DIRECT], and [M-DIRECT] setting for your display, you can connect up to 10 PCs at the same time in Multi-Live mode.

Easy Wireless Stick ET-UW100*

  • Self-contained Easy Wireless Stick plugs into PC's USB
  • Provides internet access while operating wirelessly

* This optional product can be purchased in the U.S., Canada, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.

Simplified DIGITAL LINK Connection

DIGITAL LINK transmits uncompressed Full HD video, audio, and control commands through a single CAT 5e or higher STP cable for up to 100 m (328 ft). Connect all your source devices to an optional DIGITAL LINK Switcher (ET-YFB200G)/Digital Interface Box (ET-YFB100G) and use just one cable to link your display. This simplifies installation and saves on cabling costs.

Note: Long Reach Mode on ET-YFB200G is not supported.

Connect a Second Display

Use a VGA cable to mirror content* on a second display or projector — even the notes you might add to documents, images, or video during your presentation.
This dual-display capability makes the BF1 series ideal for use in larger venues. Supported inputs include HDMI, DVI, PC, Memory Viewer, and Whiteboard.

* Supports 1080/60p signal only

Picture-in-Picture Capability

Picture-in-Picture functions offer the versatility to display images from two input sources on the same screen. Documents, videos, and stills can be displayed full-screen with a sub-window showing content from a different source.

Picture in Picture
Ideal for web conferencing, you can display meeting documents on the main screen and live video footage from a remote location in the sub-window.
Picture in Whiteboard
Display media in a window on the whiteboard interface and make notes on the blank space surrounding it.

Note: Writing and drawing on sub-screen in not available. Miracast and Memory Viewer do not support Picture-in-Picture capability.
The following input combinations are not available:
• HDMI, DVI, DIGITAL LINK, Component, and PC
• Whiteboard and Panasonic Application

Protective Glass and AG Screen Surface for Clear Visibility

Protective glass adds extra security against impact. This insurance is invaluable in high-traffic areas such as conference rooms, classrooms, and public spaces. An improved Anti-Glare (AG) screen treatment scatters reflected light from overhead illumination to reduce glare and improve all-round visibility.

Expandable Connectivity with SLOT2.0

SLOT2.0 allows you to add the connection terminals needed for specific applications. Optional function boards can be inserted to support a customized content distribution system.

Supports Crestron Connected™ Software

LAN terminal is compatible with Crestron Connected™ automation and control software. Monitor and control display devices in your network remotely from a single PC via Ethernet.

Compliance with PJLink™

Compliance with PJLink™ Class 1 enables remote control and monitoring within a wider AV network of PJLink™ — compatible components of any brand. Incorporating these displays into an existing system via the local network is seamless and cost effective.

Whiteboard Software Ver.5

Color Universal Design

The use of Color Universal Design improves visibility regardless of individual differences in color perception. This design gently relays correct information to people with various color-viewing conditions.

What is Color Universal Design (CUD)?
Due to genetic characteristics or other vision disorders, people can perceive colors differently. Some individuals can have difficulty distinguishing between certain color combinations. CUD ensures that color information is accurately expressed for the comfort and convenience of everyone.

No need for PC installation

Simple whiteboard software has been prepared to make the touch screen display easier to use and more convenient. There's no need to install the software in your computer. It can be executed from external memory.

Software can be operated from external memory.

Up to 12 Points Can Be Drawn Simultaneously

The multi-touch feature allows up to 12 points to be drawn at once. Operation and use are enhanced by two modes: Single mode and Multi mode. The modes can be easily switched from the menu screen.

* Single mode: Allows operation by drawing and gestures. However, only one person can draw at a time.

* Multi mode: Allows up to 12 points to be drawn at once. However, operation by gestures is not possible.

Screen capture

On the capture operation panel, the screen can be saved as an image in a Whiteboard page or a file.

Recorder function

Records/saves the screen area selected with the recorder operation panel as a movie.

Easy one-button switching of whiteboard and PPT data

The Whiteboard mode and PowerPoint display can be easily switched with the menu icons. This makes it easy to switch to the Whiteboard mode to jot down notes while looking at the data in the middle of a discussion.

Button Mode
Desktop mode
Whiteboard mode
PowerPoint Link mode


Two methods for hand-drawn character recognition are available: auto correction and manual correction after drawing.

You can perform the following operations when use "whiteboard mode".

Delete page: Deletes the selected page.
Duplicate: Duplicates the selected pages and inserts them after the applicable page.
Add new page: Inserts a new page after the selected page.
Move page: Moves the page that are selected using the electronic pen to a desired position.

Character correction

Two methods for hand-drawn character recognition are available: auto correction and manual correction after drawing.

Enlarging/reducing functions

The screen can be incrementally enlarged or reduced in the range of 100% to 300%. This is convenient for checking fine drawings and small text.

Up to 100 whiteboard screens

You can use the Whiteboard function from the Function Menu. Up to 100 pages of handwritten memos can be saved as one file.
When giving a presentation, you can switch between PowerPoint and the Whiteboard function to leave whatever memos you wish.

The Whiteboard Background Can Be Selected as Desired

You can use a simple background for ordinary writing, the note background for writing the minutes of a meeting, or a grid-type background for producing drawings or layouts. Choose the background in the Whiteboard mode that suits your application.

Presentation Tools

These functions are convenient for class lectures or presentations. (Magnifier/Screen Shade/Spotlight/Fade-out Marker/Fade-out Highlighter)

Direct data saving for written memo content

You can save data for the text that you have written into PowerPoint slides, or for notes that you have jotted onto the whiteboard. You can also retrieve and edit the saved data.

Preparation of meeting minutes with enhanced layout

By touching memo text with the Electronic Pen and dragging it, you can change the layout and font size after it is written. Adding lines of text and shifting the positions of memos are also smooth and easy.

E-mail software linking

You can start up predetermined e-mail software from the menu icon, and insert PDF files of whiteboard memos or PowerPoint data with handwritten notes as an e-mail attachment. This allows participants to distribute e-mail messages instantly to relevant people.

Printer linking

You can start up a predetermined printer from the menu icon, and print the page that is being displayed on the screen.

System Requirements

Computer IBM® PC/AT compatible
CPU Intel Architecture (Intel Core 2 processor of later)
Operating System Windows® 7 Service Pack 1 (except for Starter and Home Basic versions)
Windows® 8.1 (except for Windows RT version)
Windows® 10 (Home, Pro)
Interface USB 2.0
Memory 32-bit version: 2GB or more
64-bit version: 4GB or more
Disk Space 250 MB or more of free space
(In some cases, an additional 1.5 GB is necessary for installing the Microsoft® .NET Framework)
Display Resolution: XGA (1024 x 768) - Full HD (1920 x 1080)
Colors: 32 bit or more
* Only the primary monitor is supported when using multiple monitors.