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LCD Display EF1 Series

  • Advantages
  • Specifications
  • Optional Accessories

Slim Design for any Interior Design Scheme

The EF1 Series have a narrow bezel for a slim design that accents the image on the screen. And the flat-panel form doesn't feel oppressive when mounted on the wall. The TH-75EF1 has a 14.8 mm (0.6″) (L/R/T/B) width bezel.*1 The depth of the TH-84EF1 is 78 mm (3.1″), and the depth of the TH-75EF1 is 77 mm (3.0″), which both comply with the ADA Standard,*2 making them ideal for installation in public spaces.

*1 The TH-84EF1 has a 22.6 mm (0.9″)(L/R)/25.6 mm(1.0″) (T/B) width bezel.
*2 Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

Wide Viewing Angle for a Greater Eye-Catching Effect

The high-visibility IPS panel makes images easier to see and boosts the signage effect with minimal color shift.
The display also offers easy-to-see images for meetings, so it enables smooth sharing of information among all members.

* TH-84/75/32EF1 only.

As Digital Signage

The Display has a Built-in USB Media Player

The EF1 Series can automatically start showing pictures when a USB memory containing data is inserted. The display unit can be used as digital signage without a set-top box or PC. And the content can be displayed smoothly without including the black screen display. What's more, the order of content playback and playback time can be programmed Content can also be rewritten and multiple displays can be operated via LAN.*

• If it is difficult to insert a USB memory due to installation conditions, use a commercially available extension cable.
• Some files cannot be played back even if they are in the supported format. Regarding restrictions, see the operation manual.
* Multi Monitoring & Control Software (free) is required.
* Limitations exist for USB input. For details, please see the User's Manual.

Multi Monitoring & Control Software (Free) Lets You Control Devices in Groups

This free Panasonic software enables you to monitor and control up to 2048 devices over a LAN network from a single PC. It facilitates the control of multiple devices used in a facility or store.

* Multi Monitoring & Control Software (free) is required.

Multi Monitoring & Control Software ver.1.0.4 or later Functions

Content list production • Registers content to be played by the USB Media Player.
• Sets the content playback order and time.
• Saves the produced Content list (up to 50 can be saved).
Content list deliver/save • The produced content list is saved in USB memory.
• The USB Media Player rewrites the content to be played, and sets the schedule.
Control function • Executes control commands such as power ON/OFF, input switching and input commands
• Schedule function
Monitoring function • Displays the status of devices by group in a list format.
• Displays detailed information of each device.
• Provides more detailed information when installed with Early Warning Software (optional).

Timer-Programmable Switching of Device Connection

The timer function of the display unit can be used to change connected signal source devices at a desired time.
This allows an easy change of displayed content according to the application or the progress of an event.

In Meeting Rooms

Smooth Switching of Presenters TH-84/75/65EF1 only

The TH-84/75/65EF1 automatically switches source signals when the input signal for the current content stops or when an input signal other than the signal of the current content is received. When presenters change during a meeting, the displayed image can be switched easily by simply changing the cable connection, thus eliminating the need to operate the remote control.

* Only analog (PC input)/digital (HDMI input or DVI-D input) signal switchover is supported.
* The 2 switching inputs must be set in advance.

A Wealth of Connection Terminals for Easy Replacement of Existing Display

A wealth of connection terminals are provided not only for use in meetings but also for use as digital signage, so existing systems can be replaced easily with the Panasonic displays. The display units accept 59 types of PC signals to rank at the top in the industry in terms of signal compatibility.

* Input terminals such as HDMI, DVI-D and PC, and control terminals such as RS-232C and LAN.
* Some connection cables or USB flash drives may not be connectable due to the structures of terminals.

• Check the terminal diagram in the terminals in the product specification document.

Built-in Speakers for the Playback of Content with Sound

The display unit has built-in speakers so that it can play back

content with sound without the connection of external speakers. This allows maximum use of a limited space for the installation of a large-screen display.

Cloning Function Speeds Up Multiple Display Setup

When installing multiple displays, the Cloning function lets you use a USB memory to copy the settings of a parent display to other units, thus greatly shortening the setup time.

• [Date & Time], [Network Settings], [LAN Settings] and Display ID cannot be copied.
• The Cloning function works only for displays with the same screen size.

Customizable Original Screen TH-84/75/65EF1 only

An original image created by your company or other desired picture can be displayed when the unit is turned on and when there is no input signal.
The image data for the original screen can be transferred and stored in the display unit via a USB memory. This function allows a company logo mark, brand image, etc., to be displayed when there is no input signal.

• Certain limitations apply to the format for original screen.
• Compatible with 1920 x 1080 resolution only.

Supports LAN Control Connection

The EF1 Series can be controlled by LAN or RS-232C. You can configure the display into your existing control system, and you can control several devices simultaneously. It also supports AMX or Crestron Connected™ LAN control.