LCD Display LF50 Series

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Large-Screen, High-Brightness Display Capable of Displaying
Clear Images Even in Bright Places

High 700-cd/m2 brightness and 5,000:1 contrast ensure excellent, eye-catching visibility even in large public spaces.
This greatly increases the promotional value for signage use.

Large screen and high brightness provide up-to-date information for facilities.

Tough Design for Added Safety

Fan-less Design

The fan-less design prevents malfunctions otherwise caused by dust particles brought in by the fan. This enables safe installation in crowded areas.

Protective Glass (Optional)

Since the protective glass fits inside the bezel, the external dimensions remain virtually the same. The glass protects the LCD panel surface so the display can be installed in busy public areas.

24/7 Operation

The tough design makes the display panel suitable for use as signage that operates all day and night in places such as restaurants, shopping malls and transportation facilities.

Safe use in dusty places such as train stations

Low Power Consumption Design for Extended Use

Edge Light System Used for Backlighting

The edge light system requires a small number of LED units because the lights are installed only on the edges of the LCD panel. This saves energy. The display unit can also be made thin and light.

Built-in Brightness Sensor

A built-in ambient light sensor detects ambient light and controls brightness. Low power consumption is achieved by controlling the brightness of the backlight.

Slim Design for Flexible Installation

A slim design that fits almost any installation location

The display can be installed in a permanent hanging position using eyebolts. Wall-mount brackets and hanging fixtures in compliance with VESA specifications can also be used for flexible installation.

Instructions for Hanging Display with Eyebolts (272 KB)