LCD Display LF8 Series

Why Choose a Panasonic Display for Digital Signage?

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Stylish Design and High Visibility

Featuring Industrial Durability and Reliability, as well as a Stylish Appearance

This stylish design blends in with surrounding spaces and fills the screen with images. The 6.3 mm (0.25") bezel width of the LF8 Series is less than half the 16 mm (0.7") bezel width of the LF6 Series. And the slim design makes the depth only 57 mm (2.3"). Since the LF8 Series blends in with almost any surroundings and the screen is nearly filled with images, this display has a powerful, eye-catching impact.

*Excluding handle part

High Brightness for Displaying Easy-to-See Content in Bright Places

Performance with 500 cd/m² of brightness is required for some signage and other professional applications. This allows images to be beautifully displayed even in large, brightly lit spaces, such as train stations and airports.

Tilting Installation

Choose the Installation to Match Your Application

The LF8 Series is designed for use in either portrait or horizontal orientation with no effect on panel color and lifespan, further reducing TCO. A tilt installation up to 45 degrees forward or backward is also possible. The angle can be adjusted for easy viewing when installed in a high location.

*1: 0-45° for both left and right
*Angle adjustment is not possible for forward/backward tilting installation.
Be sure that the Power Indicator comes to the downside.

USB Media Player

USB Media Player for Simple Signage Use Without an STB

The LF8 Series features a USB media player. Signage operation is possible by simply inputting the desired content via USB, eliminating the need for a set-top box. Both videos and still images can be displayed, so a wide variety of original signage content can be used.

* For detailed instructions on using the USB Media Player Function, see the "Easy Guide"

Easy Update

Standalone Operation Saves Labor by Making Content Changes Over a Network

Multi Monitoring & Control Software makes it possible to change the content in the USB memory via LAN after installation. Content can be easily changed even when the display is installed in a high place or suspended from the ceiling. This enables smooth, easy operation.

Flexible Image Adjustment

Easy Display of Images Optimized for the Display Content and Viewing Environment

Conventional display panels are preset with display modes such as Standard and Dynamic. The LF8 Series comes with an extensive display menu to let you select the most suitable mode for the content to be displayed and the viewing environment. You can select the best mode for the video source and the place of display.

  • Vivid Signage
    Displays images suitable for signage in a bright environment.

  • Natural Signage
    Displays images with priority on natural color reproduction.

  • Standard
    Displays images faithful to the original.

  • Surveillance
    Displays images with reduced brightness and with priority on gradation.

  • Graphic
    Suitable for PC input.

  • DICOM*
    Display images close to the DICOM Part 14 Grayscale Standard.

*Although the term "DICOM" is used, this product is not medical equipment.
Do not use displayed images for medical purposes such as examination or diagnosis.

High-Performance Image Engine for Flexible Image Adjustment Like Never Before

• 6-segment Color Management
Enables adjustment of the color tone, color density and brightness parameters individually for red, green, and blue, as well as the complementary colors of cyan, magenta and yellow.

• Color Enhancement
Displays images with enhanced color.

• Refine Enhancer
Corrects blurry image contours resulting from resizing, etc., to improve the image resolution.

• MPEG Noise Reduction
Noise reduction suppresses the block noise and mosquito noise that are characteristic of digital video signals. This faithfully reproduces the inherent beauty of the image.

* Images on screen are simulated.

Continuous 24-Hour Operation

Efficiency and Reliability for Continuous 24-hour Operation

The use of highly durable panel materials and quality electronic components ensures dependable 24-hour operation seven days a week. This makes the LF8 Series ideal for installation in public places, surveillance centers, and other applications where absolute reliability is critical.

* Display of moving images is recommended when panels are in use for long periods to prevent image retention. Note that image burn-in can be gradually rectified with the periodical display of moving images.