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Whiteboard Software Ver.5

Whiteboard Software for PC Extends Your Capabilities

Whiteboard Software for PC offers extra functionality for power users. As well as adding extra presentation tools and a PowerPoint® Link mode to easily import and modify PowerPoint files, the application's six-point touch interface lets up to six people write and draw simultaneously. Other highlights include:

Whiteboard Software Version 5.1 for Windows Supported by Windows® 7, Windows® 8, and Windows® 8.1

Whiteboard Software Version 1.1 for Macintosh Supported by Mac OS X v10.10.3
Whiteboard Software Version 1.0 for Macintosh Supported by Mac OS X v10.6.8, v10.7.5, v10.8.5, v10.9.1

* For Windows® only.

User-Friendly Drawing Tool

A Color Universal Design function is included in consideration of those with color-vision defects. This practical feature ensures that colors are expressed clearly and accurately.
Color Universal Design setting is ON/OFF-selectable (default setting is ON) according to user preference.

What is Color Universal Design (CUD)?

Due to genetic characteristics or other vision disorders, people can perceive colors differently. Some individuals can have difficulty distinguishing between certain color combinations. CUD ensures that color information is accurately expressed for the comfort and convenience of everyone.

No need for PC installation

Simple whiteboard software has been prepared to make the touch screen display easier to use and more convenient. There's no need to install the software in your computer. It can be executed from external memory.

Software can be operated from external memory.

Simultaneous drawing with up to 6

Up to 6 people are individually recognized, so a group of people can all write at the same time. Also, each user can freely set the pen color and style, so individual opinions can be clearly expressed while mind mapping or brainstorming.

Screen capture

On the capture operation panel, the screen can be saved as an image in a Whiteboard page or a file.

Recorder function

Records/saves the screen area selected with the recorder operation panel as a movie.

Easy one-button switching of whiteboard and PPT data

The Whiteboard mode and PowerPoint display can be easily switched with the menu icons. This makes it easy to switch to the Whiteboard mode to jot down notes while looking at the data in the middle of a discussion.


Two methods for hand-drawn character recognition are available: auto correction and manual correction after drawing.

You can perform the following operations when use "whiteboard mode".

Delete page: Deletes the selected page.
Duplicate: Duplicates the selected pages and inserts them after the applicable page.
Add new page: Inserts a new page after the selected page.
Move page: Moves the page that are selected using the electronic pen to a desired position.

Character correction

Two methods for hand-drawn character recognition are available: auto correction and manual correction after drawing.

Enlarging/reducing functions

The screen can be incrementally enlarged or reduced in the range of 100% to 300%. This is convenient for checking fine drawings and small text.

Up to 10 whiteboard screens

You can use the Whiteboard function from the Function Menu. Up to 10 pages of handwritten memos can be saved as one file.
When giving a presentation, you can switch between PowerPoint and the Whiteboard function to leave whatever memos you wish.

Six selectable patterns for whiteboard backgrounds

Whiteboard mode. For example, choose a simple background for free handwriting, a note form for preparing meeting minutes, or a grid type for making drawings and layouts.

Direct data saving for written memo content

You can save data for the text that you have written into PowerPoint slides, or for notes that you have jotted onto the whiteboard. You can also retrieve and edit the saved data.

Preparation of meeting minutes with enhanced layout

By touching memo text with the Electronic Pen and dragging it, you can change the layout and font size after it is written. Adding lines of text and shifting the positions of memos are also smooth and easy.

E-mail software linking

You can start up predetermined e-mail software from the menu icon, and insert PDF files of whiteboard memos or PowerPoint data with handwritten notes as an e-mail attachment. This allows participants to distribute e-mail messages instantly to relevant people.

Printer linking

You can start up a predetermined printer from the menu icon, and print the page that is being displayed on the screen.