LCD Display LFE7 Series

Why Choose a Panasonic Display for Digital Signage?

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  • Optional Accessories

A Stylish Design for Both Signage and Conference Room Use

The narrow bezel cabinet, from which all unnecessary decorations have been eliminated, draws the viewer's attention directly to the image, for an eye-catching appearance in commercial facilities. Installation in a company conference room or reception desk also enhances the surrounding interior design to create a highly attractive space.

The TH-65LFE7 Provides a Step Up in Size for Replacing a 60-inch Model

The narrow bezel does away with all unnecessary decorations. The bezel width is slimmer than those of previous model,* and TH-65LFE7 is about the same size as our previous 60-inch models. An existing cabinet can be used as is, while increasing the overall screen size.

*Compared with the previous 60-inch model.
*The narrow bezel of the TH-50LFE7/TH-42LFE7 allows it to save space even when it is the same screen size as a previous plasma display.

A Slim Design with Large Screen and Narrow 10.8 mm (0.5") Bezel

The TH-65LFE7 has the slim design which combines a 10.8 mm (0.5") bezel and a depth of only 52 mm (2.1").
There is less visual bulk, so the display seems to blend into its surroundings. This makes the image stand out even more, for greater, eye-catching visibility.

*As for the TH-65LFE7 only.
The TH-50LFE7 has an 11.9 mm (0.5") bezel (L/R/T) and a depth of 53 mm (2.1"),
and the TH-42LFE7 has a 12.5 mm (0.5") bezel (L/R/T) and a depth of 77 mm (3.1").

Versatile Input Terminals and Speakers as Standard Equipment

Input terminals (HDMI x2, DVI-D, PC-IN) and control terminals (RS-232C, LAN) are provided to meet a variety of needs for signage use. Versatile input signal compatibility also enables use as a conference monitor. Speakers complete with an equalizer are built-in for clear sound when used for videoconferences.

Usage Examples for New Connection Terminals

5V Charge Out terminal lets you power a stick PC from the display, so there is no need to connect an AC adaptor. This makes it easy to show a browser during presentations, and to operate a signage player.

LAN Control Connection

The LFE7 Series can be controlled by LAN or RS-232C. You can configure the display into your existing control system, and you can control several devices simultaneously. It also supports AMX or Crestron Connected LAN control.

Portrait and Multi Display Configurations

The thin, lightweight LFE7 Series can be installed vertically to meet a wide range of installation needs. And a 5x5 multi display configuration is also possible, making it easy to create a video wall.

• IR IN/OUT (infrared signal) Connection

When the displays are configured in a daisy connection, the input/output of their infrared signals can be simultaneously controlled with the remote control.