LCD Display LFE8 Series

Why Choose a Panasonic Display for Digital Signage?

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Installs in Just About Any Space

This slim design allows effective space utilization in stores, showrooms and conference rooms. With a depth of less than 62 mm, it is also not oppressive when mounted on a wall. Available in three sizes: 55, 48, and 43 inches.

Simple Signage Operation with No Set-top Box

The LFE8 Series features a USB media player. Signage operation is possible by simply inputting the desired content via USB, eliminating the need for a set-top box. Both videos and still images can be displayed, so a wide variety of original signage content can be used.

Connecting more than one unit with LAN cable reproduces files in USB memory simultaneously.
* Each display needs respective USB memory content.

•The maximum size of file is 2 GB.
•You cannot play the files which are protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM).
•Both an image and the sound choose support form.
•Don't support reproduction of only an audio file.

[Applicable device]
•Devices with security feature are not supported.
•Devices not formatted with FAT16 or FAT32 cannot be used.
•The maximum memory size of USB is 32 GB.

Depending on the type of a USB memory device, it may come in contact with the periphery such as a back cover, and cannot be attached. Use a commercially sold extension cable, or use a small type of a USB memory device connectable to this unit.

* Limitations exist for USB input. For details, please see the User's Manual.
* For detailed instructions on using the USB Media Player Function, see the "Easy Guide"

Standalone Operation Saves Labor by Making Content Changes Over a Network

Multi Monitoring & Control Software makes it possible to change the content in the USB memory via LAN after installation. Content can be easily changed even when the display is installed in a high place or suspended from the ceiling. This enables smooth, easy operation.

* Depending on the production period, some products doesn't support this function. Please check Multi Monitoring & Control Software page for more information.

Choose the Installation to Match Your Application

The LFE8 Series is often used vertically for menu boards and town guide displays, and can be mounted in landscape and portrait. This provides information that is easy to see even in relatively high places inside the store, and increases mounting possibilities.

Increased Signal Support for a Wide Variety of Content

Compared to the LFE7 Series, the number of signals supported by the LFE8 Series has been increased by 25 to provide a total of 59. This lets you display the content of various formats. It also saves labor, not only for signage use, but also for reproducing materials in meeting rooms by eliminating the need to convert materials in advance.

* Compared to the LFE7 Series