Ultra Narrow Bezel LCD Display LFV6 Series

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Optimized Image Modes

Conventional display panels usually include basic display mode presets such as Standard and Dynamic. The LFV6 Series, however, features an extensive display menu that allows you to very easily choose from a wide selection of display modes to suit different content, video sources, and lighting environments to achieve optimal results.

* DICOM simulation only. Do not use for actual medical examinations or diagnosis.


Multi-Screen Video Synchronization

LFV6 Series incorporates a new video playback synchronization function for vertically adjacent displays in multi-screen configuration. It assures more natural video playback compared to displays with unsynchronized timing.

Frame control
Adjusts timing of images to reproduce enlarged video more naturally.

Reverse scan

Reverses direction of image scanning to smoothly play enlarged video on multiple screens.

Note: Graphic is simulated. Arrows show scanning direction during video playback.

High-Performance Imaging Engine

Color and image quality can be fine-tuned and customized to assure seamless uniformity across all displays in multi-screen configuration.

•Color matching function

Corrects any unevenness in color between multiple screens. R (red), G (green), and B (blue) along with intermediate colors (cyan, magenta, and yellow) are corrected individually on each display.

•Color enhancement

Displays images with enhanced color intensity.

•Refine enhancer

Corrects blurry image contours that result from resizing to improve resolution.

•Gradation smoother

Extracts and eliminates noise components from input video signals for noise-free image reproduction.

Failover and failback function

Note: Graphic is simulated.

Multi-Screen Imaging Syncing via USB and Changing Content via LAN

The LFV6 can be quickly adapted for digital signage—just connect USB memory devices to inputs on each display in 2 x 2 multi-screen configuration for automatically synchronized 4K (4 x 1080p) images. No external devices or processors are required. This function also serves as a backup in case the primary video source fails. By using Multi Monitoring & Control Software, it’s possible to easily replace content stored on USB via LAN, perfect in situations where the display is difficult to access.

Dedicated Video-Wall Mounting System

Our optional Installation Mount* (TY-VK55LV2) makes setting up a spectacular video-wall installation comparatively quick and painless. As well as saving time and reducing labor cost, the rigid mount also eliminates potential panel surface alignment inconsistencies with the use of an automatic magnet system. The LFV Series also features optional cover frames for extra protection against impact.

* For more information: Video Wall Construction Manual

Inconsistencies in the video wall display can occur when individual panel bezels are not correctly aligned vertically and horizontally, and when panel surfaces are not properly adjusted. Surface alignment control magnets and interlocking mounts ensure precision installation in every axis. The Installation Mount facilitates easy setup and makes individual panels easier to remove for maintenance.

Efficient 24/7 Reliability in Landscape or Portrait Mode

The use of durable panel materials and quality electronic components ensures dependable 24-hour operation seven days a week, even in portrait orientation. This makes the LFV Series ideal for installation in public spaces, surveillance centers, and other applications where absolute reliability is critical. Further, the LFV Series is designed for either landscape or portrait orientation without affecting color, brightness, or operational life. This flexibility allows you to use your installation space to its fullest potential.

Video Wall Configurator

Note: Display of moving images is recommended when panels are in use for long periods to prevent image retention. Note that image burn-in can be gradually rectified with the periodical display of moving images.


Factory-Matched and Pre-Calibrated Color

Colors are pre-calibrated at the factory prior to shipment in order to minimize color differences between panels intended for multi-screen installation. This makes it possible to create seamless images without any visible color differences from panel to panel*.

* In some cases, visual adjustment may be necessary.

Ultra-Narrow Bezel for Seamless Video Walls

Ultra-narrow bezels on the LFV6 Series reduce bezel-to-bezel distance to a near-invisible 3.5 mm (0.14"). In larger video-wall installations, screen borders seem to disappear, resulting in truly spectacular large-format images.

* Bezel-to-bezel distance refers to the combined top and bottom (or left and right) bezel-width of adjacent displays in video-wall configuration. The gap between displays is not included. Note that a gap of 0.5 mm (0.02") or more is required when installing multiple displays.