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LCD Display with Light ID transmission function SF1H Series

LinkRay Light ID Solution

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Built-in Light ID Transmission Function Sends and Receives Information

An originally developed, high-speed backlight control technology has achieved Light ID transmission from displays by modulating (blinking) light at high speed.
The ID signals transmitted from the display are read by a smartphone* to relay a variety of information, such as traffic guidance or news about shops or products. The displayed content can also be provided in the smartphone owner's native language.

*The smartphone must satisfy usage conditions, such as the OS version and camera performance. A special application must also be installed.

Light ID Technology Features

Simple Signage with a Light ID-Compatible USB Media Player

The display unit is equipped with a USB Media Player function that supports Light ID signal transmission. Simply insert a USB memory device containing still or video images and the Light ID data into the display unit to configure a simple signage system.

•A separate contract for a Light ID license (requiring a fee) must be concluded to configure a Light ID system.

Information Related to Content Can Be Distributed

A Light ID can be individually linked to correspond with each content shown on the display. This allows more information to be delivered on a single display.

Easy Playlist Production

A playlist can be easily produced using Multi Monitoring & Control Software (free). The playlist is stored in a USB memory device and inserted  into the display unit (standalone type). The playlist can also be delivered to a number of displays on a specified, LAN-connected network, and easily rewritten (multiple device delivery type).

Download Software from Global Website

Standalone Type

Produced playlists are stored in USB memory. When the memory device is inserted into a display, the content is automatically played.

Multiple Device Delivery Type (Intranet)

Content is delivered from a single PC to multiple displays on a specified network. The content can also be rewritten. And data can be delivered according to a schedule.

•Synchronized playback is not possible.

Stylish Design and High Visibility

The IPS Panel Has a Wide Viewing Angle and Minimal Color Fluctuations

There is very little change in color, compared with the VA panel, when the screen is viewed at right or left angles, so the images are crisp and clear. This is ideal for providing correct information to places with a lot of people present, such as public spaces and facilities.

Effective for drawing attention with high visibility even in bright places like shopping malls.

Featuring Industrial Durability and Reliability, as well as a Stylish Appearance

This stylish design blends in with surrounding spaces and fills the screen with images. Since the SF1H Series blends in with almost any surroundings and the screen is nearly filled with images, this display has a powerful, eye-catching impact.

*Excluding handle part

Tilting Installation

Choose the Installation to Match Your Application

The SF1H Series is designed for use in either portrait or horizontal orientation with no effect on panel color and lifespan, further reducing TCO. A tilt installation up to 45 degrees forward or backward is also possible. The angle can be adjusted for easy viewing when installed in a high location.

*1: 0-45° for both left and right
*Angle adjustment is not possible for forward/backward tilting installation.
Be sure that the Power Indicator comes to the downside.

Continuous 24-Hour Operation

Efficiency and Reliability for Continuous 24-hour Operation

The use of highly durable panel materials and quality electronic components ensures dependable 24-hour operation seven days a week. This makes the SF1H Series ideal for installation in public places, surveillance centers, and other applications where absolute reliability is critical.

* Display of moving images is recommended when panels are in use for long periods to prevent image retention. Note that image burn-in can be gradually rectified with the periodical display of moving images.