Why is 4K Ideal for Panasonic AV systems?

The large volume of information in highly detailed 4K images, and their extreme level of realism can transform your business.








Highly Detailed ImagesDoes the image look grainy when the screen is viewed up close?


  • Details are clearly displayed with 4 times the resolution of Full-HD
  • The optimal viewing distance is approximately 1/2 that of Full-HD. Dots are not visible when viewed up close, and images have excellent depth.

ExhibitsArt galleries and museums

Realistic ImagesIs it possible to produce highly realistic images that capture the color and texture of actual objects?


  • A wide color space and high resolution combine to faithfully reproduce colors and textures.
  • The beauty of products can be relayed with realistic images when the actual products cannot be displayed.

Store signageShowrooms

Upscaling TechnologyIs the value lost when existing video devices are not native 4K?


  • Panasonic's original upscaling technology makes images that are not 4K more beautiful too.
  • With 4K, skin and cloth textures are faithfully reproduced, for signage with excellent ambience.

Store signage

24/7 OperationIs continuous operation possible for critical applications where delayed information or system malfunctions are impermissible?


  • Capable of continuous 24/7 operation. Stable performance.
  • Screen can be split into 4 windows with a single touch. Split screens can also be viewed in Full-HD.

Monitoring rooms

High Future PotentialIsn't it too soon to purchase a 4K system?


  • 4K60p input is standard-equipped, and other devices and equipment can be upgraded to 4K when desired.
  • Even 4K signal distribution with projector control, just one cable make it happen.
  • Options for previous plasma displays can be utilized.


Protective GlassDoes it need a casing for installation in places where many people pass by?


  • An impact-resistant protective glass enables safe installation even in places where many people pass by.
  • Maintenance is easy. Simply wipe off dust and dirt with a soft cloth.

Transportation facilitiesLobbies

Special Frame ConstructionI'm worried about strength in rental and other applications that require continuous transport and installation.


  • For frequent movement. An original frame mechanism protects the panel from the load that is placed on it during installation and removal. The panel resists distortion and maintains beautiful images longer.
  • Can be lifted and lowered by crane for installation. And installation in high locations is also possible.

ExhibitsEvent halls

Flexible Design PlansAre there many limitations on installation methods?


  • Both vertical and horizontal installation is allowed, and projection is possible on irregular and curved surfaces.
  • 20,000 hours* maintenance free projection, and the operator is notified the Internet when replacement is required. Highly efficient maintenance.
  • DIGITAL LINK is supported with 4K signal transmission for approximately 50 m (164 ft) over a CAT 5e cable or above. Cabling is also easy.


* Light source lifetime may be reduced depending on environmental conditions. Usage environment affects filter maintenance cycle.

Stable OperationIs maintenance difficult when it is used in public spaces?


  • Hermetically sealed laser modules and efficient cooling systems assure reliable operation and maintain picture quality.
  • Ideal also for places where installation is difficult. Installs anywhere, even high-ceiling installation.
  • DIGITAL LINK is supported 4K signal transmission for approximately 50 m (164 ft) over CAT 5e cable or above. Cabling is also easy.

Transportation facilitiesLobbies

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