Throw Distance Calculator

Using this Throw Distance Calculator, you can easily calculate the throw distance that is required to project an image from a Panasonic professional projector at the desired screen size.
For models that allow an optional lens to be selected, the use of the Lens Finder makes it easy to calculate which lens is suited to the target screen size and throw distance. Also, the Lens List lets you confirm the optional lenses that are compatible with each projector, and the optional lenses that can be commonly used.

System Requirements

Web Browser
Internet Explorer 9.0/10.0/11.0
Google Chrome 25 or later
Firefox 15 or later
Safari 6.0/7.0/8.0

* If a browser that does not support HTML5 is used, the page layout may be disrupted, or the calculator may not function correctly.

Offline Use

  • The Throw Distance Calculator has a function called an "application cache." This allows it to be used when the computer isn't connected to the Internet (offline) in the same way as when it is connected to the Internet (online).
  • When the Throw Distance Calculator is opened from this page while the computer is connected to the Internet, the browser automatically saves (caches) the necessary files in several seconds to about a minute. After that, the Throw Distance Calculator can be used even when the computer isn't connected to the Internet.
  • To find out if the files have been cached or not, select a model from the on-screen menu that isn't being displayed while the Internet connection is interrupted. If the Throw Distance Calculator makes the correct calculation, the necessary files have been cached.
  • If the screen is not displayed, the files have not been cached. Open the Throw Distance Calculator on this site. After displaying the first page for a while, try the calculation again.

* Only browsers that support HTML5 are able to use the application cache.

* Before moving to an environment with no Internet connection, check to see if the application cache is functioning.