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Corporate / Businessmediarte Entertainment Works Co., Ltd.

Within the company’s 36 hectares global headquarters "World of Sports" campus, sits the adidas "Brand Center" that acts as a showpiece to promote the adidas brand to its key accounts.

The music stage control room. Screen size is approximately 150 inches.
mediarte Entertainment Works Co., Ltd. Representative Director Keiichi Momose
BAR bowl General Manager Takayuki Nishimura "When selecting the equipment, I thought about what would be pleasant to look at and make the job easier. That led me to Panasonic," says mediarte representative director Keiichi Momose. An eminent audio director for movies, TV, commercial films and audio pieces, Mr. Momose is the "face of mediarte." From the standpoint of one who has extensive knowledge of highquality video and audio, he told us about what led him to choose Panasonic.
In July 2007, one of the largest and most technologically advanced post-production facilities in Japan opened in Tokyo's Yoyogi district. A Panasonic DLP™ projector is employed on the "Music Stage" where top-notch visual and audio works are produced one after another.
“Does it make the job easier and more enjoyable?” That’s the standard to use when selecting equipment. When Mr. Momose and the other staff are selecting equipment, the first thing they think about is "whether it will feel good to work with." He insists, "specifications are important, but that's not the point to focus on when selecting a piece of equipment." From his point of view, "to record the sound for a film segment, we need to watch the source material over and over, and the job can last for a long, long time. So what we need to know is, will it make us tired to watch something over and over on this equipment?" This is true not only for the staff who operate the equipment, but for the actors and voice actors as well.

Actors have to do multiple takes before they get the OK, and work sessions can go on for hours and hours. If they’re under stress, it affects their acting.

During the selection process, mediarte employees visited the Panasonic showroom for a close inspection of the equipment. The projector was only selected once all the staff had agreed that they would be happy with it.

A PT-D7700 unit projects from a window in the rear of the control room.

A PT-D7700 unit above
the machine room
The brilliant picture helps to create a cheerful atmosphere in the studio. Actors and voice actors also appreciate the effect on their working environment. Post-recording, or dubbing, involves reading from a script while watching an already recorded film on a monitor, and making sure they match up. In general, this means actors and voice actors are hunched over in a dark studio watching a studio monitor, but mediarte is a different story. The studio contains a big window and is designed to let in natural light from outside. By raising and lowering the numerous milkwhite curtains, they can adjust the level of outside light to create the most comfortable working environment for actors. At first, actors sometimes remark that they won't be able to see the images, but when the film rolls they are surprised by the crisp, brilliant picture. "From the window, we can see over Yoyogi Park. This is an environment where anyone can feel comfortable working, and spectacular end results are achieved. "This is the basis of Mr. Momose's business.
The music stage studio gets lots of natural light from outside, but that does''t interfere with the vividness of the projection on the screen.

A PT-D7700 unit is mounted in a special space on the ceiling.
The mediarte studio is blessed with a building design and location that makes it easy to create “a comfortable work environment.”
The mediarte Tomigaya Studio is in a renovated space in a pre-existing building. Although it's an office building, the ceilings are high and "there are no columns interrupting the floor space, which is rare for an already-existing building in Tokyo," as Mr. Momose says – resulting in a wide space that’s easy to use, and allowing a wide variety of applications that make it one of the largest studios in Japan. All the video and audiorelated equipment is top-of-the-line. In Mr. Momose's words, "at the very least, we wanted to select equipment good enough to convey the intentions of the creators to the actors." Good acting requires a firm grasp of what the film's creators intended. For this reason, superior brightness, resolution and color representation are needed.

When Mr. Momose put together his current team, his slogan was "achieving Hollywood-quality results in the shortest time possible." Rather than a "hard-oriented" approach, this was a case of extracting as much as possible of the creators' intention from the source material, and taking "soft" content to Hollywood-level quality—thus the need for high-spec equipment. As a result, "I think we're actually at a higher level than famous, top-grade Hollywood studios," says Mr. Momose. We can expect mediarte Entertainment Works to continue producing entertainment of the highest quality.
mediarte Entertainment Works Co., Ltd.  Shibuya, Tokyo Japan
System installed by
Panasonic System Solutions Marketing Co., Ltd.
Equipment installed
Equipment installed

*Japanese model name of PT-D7700 is TH-D7700.

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