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SignageLaROK and 7 For All Mankind
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Panasonic projectors provide eye catching in store displays to enhance visual brand experience of fashion leaders LaROK and 7 For All Mankind

"We wanted the space to integrate technology. We think that is the evolution of fashion - to merge fashion with technology and that's where it's going. And to actually see these ideas in 3D was absolutely amazing. It's what Panasonic does, and so they were a natural partner for us."
LaROK and 7 for All Mankind rely on the bright images of Panasonic projectors to engage their shoppers and incorporate technology into fashion.
Panasonic projectors create memorable branding experience for the customers
A form of space décor using projector images is drawing attention to Manhattan's trendy SoHo fashion store that has been set up for a limited time through a collaboration between LaROK and 7 For All Mankind. The store's progressive image is being expressed with a number of clever techniques, such as the use of animation to display images on the wall behind a cash register, and to project the brand logo onto the sidewalk leading into the store using Panasonic projectors PT-AX100 and three units of PT-D3500. Images are so bright that they are clearly visible even during the day and reinforce the special connection between the customers and LaROK and 7 For All Mankind.
The ultimate digital projection technology was saved for the store’s two main dressing rooms.
One wall in each of the two main dressing rooms has been turned into a rear projection screen that displays eye catching interactive images. Two units of Panasonic PT-D5600 project vivid images as people enter the dressing rooms and try on different clothes. The customers control the images as a motion sensor picks up their movement and splashes a variety of images for their dressing room entertainment. LaROK and 7 for Mankind has cleverly turned the space that is widely ignored into the focal point of the store.
LaRok and 7 For All Mankind Jeans   Manhattan, NY
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