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AE Series projectors are used for post-production work in Hollywood, the movie capital of the world.

VP/GM of Feature Film Services, Laser Pacific
Glenn Kennel
Glenn Kennel
Feature Film Services
Laser Pacific "When we go from film to digital and then back to film, our goal is to remain transparent through that process. Before we recommended the Panasonic projector, we did our testing and our evaluation and measurements and made sure we had confidence in its stability and characteristics. Our initial customers have been very happy with the quality of those pictures. They say that they look very much like film."
Panasonic projectors provide images that help the production staff, especially cinematographers, make critically important decisions about the daily progress of their projects.
The aIM system produces highly precise dailies Hollywood's Laser Pacific Media Corporation, a subsidiary of Kodak, uses Panasonic LCD full-HD projectors in every phase of its innovative aIM system, for post production in film and television. The aIM system reflects Laser Pacific's unique technology for reproducing "accurate images," or true color fidelity from on-site dailies to film and digital releases. It allows filmmakers to make creative decisions anywhere along the production process because the system is carefully calibrated to maintain a consistent look.

Laser Pacific Media Corporation
The AE Series resolves problems with viewing dailies Although some cinematographers still prefer film dailies, the use of film dailies is fading away because of its extremely costly nature, slow turnaround and inflexibility. As a result, filmmakers working on location were mostly limited to viewing dailies on DVDs on small monitors prior to the deployment of the aIM system and the Panasonic projector. With the DVD dailies, the importance of dailies was diminished because it did not provide the filmmakers with the accuracy required to make creative decisions. Vilmos Zsigmond, an Academy Award winning cinematographer, states, "When we do a day's work, the next day we would like to see the dailies and look at what we did the day before. It's very important to have good dailies. As we all know, DVD's quality is not nearly as good as film dailies were. It was not good enough for us to judge the images, contrasts, color and all."

Laser Pacific solved this problem by dramatically upgrading the entire post production process, to deliver the best possible images from start to finish. The company selected Panasonic projectors based on their superior image quality, their overall reliability, and their affordable price. "Our clients have been asking for a workflow that will allow them to have confidence that what they see in dailies is what they ultimately will see on the finished product. And the Panasonic projector is one of the key components allowing us to give our clients that service" states Mike Maloney, digital cinema packaging engineer of Laser Pacific.

The aIM package includes the projector, screen, audio monitoring, and video servers for playback. Laser Pacific ships the projectors to the filmmaker's locations whether in hotel rooms, construction trailers, or anywhere the cinematographers are at work. The digital cinema packages are loaded onto a hard disk drive and sent to the location. The drive is plugged into a video server, or connected to the server using a USB interface, for playback.

PT-AE1000 is ceiling mounted and projected onto 42" screen for color correction process.

Vilomos Zsigmond
Cinematographer, Vilmos Zsigmond

Mile Maloney
Packing Engineer
Laser Pacific Digital Cinema Packaging Engineer, Laser Pacific
Mike Maloney

High image quality that meets the demands of Hollywood professionals Vilomos Zsigmond was at first skeptical about the digital projector, but quickly changed his mind after viewing dailies with Panasonic's AE Series projectors. He says, "Those images were sharp, the color was right, and they were lifelike, they were film-like."

The selection of Panasonic projectors was also based on Panasonic's effort to reproduce the images intended by the filmmakers by extensive collaboration with Hollywood professionals ever since 2003. The result of that collaboration is a Panasonic projector with superb picture quality that satisfies the demanding needs of Hollywood professionals.

  • To provide an effective dailies solution for cinematographers.
  • To reproduce high-quality images that are recognized by top-ranked Hollywood filmmakers and production companies.
  • Reproduce truly film-like images with a wide color gamut that closely matches the specifications put forth by the digital cinema industry with Panasonic's AE Series projectors.
  • Improve the mobility of the aIM system, by incorporating the compact AE Series projector
Laser Pacific Media Corporation
Hollywood, Los Angeles

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