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The Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa literally glows with its 18 × 32-foot large-screen images. The PT-DW7000 livens up the atmosphere with its wide array of projection capabilities.

With Panasonic's edge-blending feature, Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa is able to align
and blend edges in a multi-screen system to create a smooth, seamless image.
Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa – Las Vegas Director of Race and Sports Jason McCormick
"The first time you walk through this door, it's a jaw-dropping experience to see these big, giant screens. They run 24 hours a day, seven days a week - they're never turned off. It's a huge area, it's a huge footprint of our casino area."
Casino managers and owners are always searching for new ways to set their casinos apart. Whether it is through showcasing top-tier talent or hosting world-class restaurants and luxurious, over-the-top accommodations, casino executives will do anything to entice potential guests to their location. Today, casinos are using cutting-edge and emerging technologies to lure visitors and entertain players on the game floor. One such technological solution being used is video technology, or more specifically, topline video projectors.
Panasonic's PT-DW7000 projector is popular for its flexible versatility and advanced functions. Red Rock Casino employed Kelley Technologies to help design predetermined area layouts and program them into the control system for smooth operation. The projectors are located about 15 ft. behind the screens in a 3 x 2 configuration. The 18 ft. x 32 ft. screens can project up to 18 images simultaneously onto one screen.

For Kelley Technologies Project Manager H Waldman, the high flexibility and functionality of Panasonic's DW7000 made this line of projectors an obvious choice. Equipped with Horizontal/Vertical lens shift technology and optical lenses, Panasonic projectors are a versatile solution for various venues. "Casinos are always changing their layouts, so having projectors that are easy to install and can operate around the clock despite where they are situated went a long way with the Race and Sports Book staff," says Waldman.

Because the action on the casino game floor never wanes, executives at Red Rock Casino need projectors with long-lasting lamp life. Though many casino competitors rely on ordinary projectors, Red Rock Casino wanted to facilitate a solution that would require fewer lamp changes and reduce the cost of maintenance. With other projectors, the casino experienced image fading, which jeopardized the Red Rock guest experience.
To ensure the integrity of the image, Kelley Technologies worked with Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa to install 18 Panasonic PT-DW7000 projectors behind a 100 ft. x 18 ft. wall.
The lamp unit offers high brightness and a long service life.
Once the Panasonic DW7000 was installed into the Race and Sports Book, guests were commenting (both verbally and through suggestion boxes) on how bright and crisp the projector images were. This alone reestablished the customer experience for Red Rock Casino.

"If we were using xenon lamps like the ones used in your run-of-the-mill projectors, we would have doubled recurring costs," said Art Manteris, Red Rock Casino's Managing Book Operator. "With the DW7000, we're only re-lamping every two months."
The 18 Panasonic projectors, secured by brackets behind the wall, resulted in seamless, wall-to-wall, film-like images much richer and crisper than ever before.
The excellent anti-dust performance of the PT-DW7000 allows stable 24/7 operation.
Red Rock Casino staff found the dust-resistant design of the Panasonic DW7000 particularly helpful. With an open smoking policy and numerous smoking lounges in the casino, the Panasonic DW7000's Sealed Optical Block helps to keep displayed images clear and protects the inside of the unit from excess smoke and dust buildup.

In the casino industry, downtime is a loss of revenue. With the projectors running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it was of utmost importance that Red Rock Casino chose a projector it could depend on. The Panasonic DW7000 comes with a Dual-lamp System, so the projector keeps working even if one bulb burns out. Plus, the Liquid Cooling System maintains smooth operation without overexertion.
Wide images that are seamlessly connected over multiple screens are also great for dynamic sports viewing.
Red Rock Casino guests are entertained by the powerful image display of the projectors. With 6,000 lumens, 3-chip DLP™ system, 16-bit color depth, 4,000:1 contrast ratio and 1400 x 1050 resolution capacity, the Panasonic DW7000 provides casino players with natural vivid images of wall-to-wall sporting events. Plus, the 16:9 wide-aspect panels give this projector maximum visual impact, in wide format. Each large screen consists of six projectors - three on top and three on the bottom. Taking advantage of the Panasonic DW7000's edge-blending and color-balancing features, each screen has the ability to show numerous video window options and one large picture for big events, such as the Kentucky Derby, Super Bowl, Final Four and Monday Night Football.

The executives at Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa have successfully positioned their establishment as one that stands out in today's fast-paced high-tech casino industry. With the help of Kelley Technologies and Panasonic projectors, Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa is now an award-winning casino.
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Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa
 Las Vegas,Nevada USA
System installed by
Kelley Technologies
H Waldman, Project Manager
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