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SignageHONMA GOLF CO., LTD.,  Shinagawa

Wide-screen projections bring a broad range of golf-related information to the newly developed area in Shinagawa. Panasonic projectors are used to project these vivid wide-screen images.

Three 120-inch wide rear projection screens cover the wall of the high-ceilinged showroom
HONMA GOLF CO., LTD. Shinagawa Studio Store Manager, Tetsu Hamasaki
HONMA GOLF CO., LTD. Shinagawa Studio Store Manager, Tetsu Hamasaki "We are able to present all kinds of information to the public with this system, including both still and moving images, and we have the ability to project different images on each of the three screens or one wide image on all three at once. I'm really glad we chose to have this system installed," says Mr. Tetsu Hamasaki, store manager of Shinagawa Studio. It seems the ability to make stunning presentations in the newly developed district of Shinagawa has been beneficial beyond his expectations.
HONMA GOLF is a company boasting unsurpassed popularity among corporate executives. With an all-new concept in mind, HONMA GOLF opened its flagship Shinagawa Studio store with the goal of broadening its customer base and raising its corporate profile even further. Vivid, wide-screen images cast by this new store's Panasonic projectors help to deliver a wide range of information to the public.
A modern, glass-fronted showroom along the passageway extending from Shinagawa Station
HONMA GOLF's Shinagawa Studio brings to life an entirely new concept never seen in a golf shop before. Rather than simply selling golf clubs and other merchandise, it also offers a fitting system capable of personally tailoring golf clubs to each individual customer, a salon and golf school employing simulation technology, and a full lineup of golf apparel, It also serves as a "broadcast center" transmitting all kinds of golf-related information. The wide-screen projections made possible by three Panasonic PT-D5700L DLP™ projectors are essential to this innovative golf emporium.

"When we first decided on the showroom design, we planned to use art panels for the wall," says Mr. Hamasaki, noting that the high ceiling created a dilemma regarding use of upper wall space. "While we were planning things out, the people at Wing Technical Support Ltd., who we hired to do this current system, recommended that we install a wide screen capable of displaying all kinds of information, rather than a fixed and unchangeable panel, and we decided to go with their suggestion." Mr. Hamasaki has been very impressed with the results of this decision.

A wide screen made possible by edge blending that seamlessly links the three screens

Different images can be projected on each of the three screens
With three side-by-side rear projection screens, it is possible to project different images on each of the three screens, or one wide image on all three at once using edge blending..
Shinagawa Studio mainly projects promotional videos (made at the company's head office) for new clubs , up-to-date information on reservations at the simulation golf school, and information about sponsored golf programs. However, when there are events or major tournaments taking place, the three 120-inch rear-projection screens can be joined into one wide screen to show them. Mr. Hamasaki says, "The greatest advantage of introducing this system is the ability to broadcast information in a timely fashion." For example, when a golf pro under contract with HONMA GOLF places first in a tournament, it would take the company's head office one or two weeks to produce a publicity poster, but at Shinagawa Studio the news can be delivered on a large scale the following day. "Operating the system is easy, and reports on tournaments and titles in Golf Fairs can be created on an in-store computer."

Eleven hours a day, from opening to closing DLP™ makes continuous operation for extended periods of time possible. On weekdays, Shinagawa Studio opens at 10 a.m. and closes at 9 p.m. "We keep the images projected on the screens all day, every day," says Mr. Hamasaki. Outside of days when special events take place, images are projected every day for eleven hours. "Except for having to exchange the lamps, which is to be expected, we've had no problems and the picture is as crisp as ever." With a dual-lamp optical system, the picture doesn't disappear even if one lamp burns out-a setup ideal for operation over extended periods of time. Also, because the surrounding area is a new business district, the ability to deliver information to the public in the evening is priceless. "The screens can be seen quite clearly from the Shinagawa Intercity complex across the way, and they help to bring all kinds of new customers into the store," says the store manager. "Our data show that we get more customers from outside the trading zone than we had expected, including a surprisingly high percentage of young people." It's the innovative nature of the store that's responsible for attracting a wider range of customers, but we'd like to believe the giant wide-screen projections play a role in leading them to the store's door.

Shinagawa Studio is becoming what could be called the "face of HONMA GOLF Co. Store manager Mr. Hamasaki says," I can clearly see that a wider variety of people are visiting the store, and the customer base is expanding beyond what has been the standard clientele of HONMA GOLF." According to him, the images projected on large-scale screens are playing a considerable role in announcing "the new HONMA GOLF" to the world.
Three PT-D5700L projectors are installed behind the screen.

Rear projection

The delivery rack sits in a corner of the store's office. Here, the store's own images can be easily created on a PC.

HONMA GOLF CO., LTD., Shinagawa Studio Minato-Minami, Minato-ku, Tokyo
System installed by
Panasonic System Solutions Japan Co., Ltd.
Equipment installed Equipment installed * Japanese model name for PT-D5700L is TH-D5700L.
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