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Museum / ExhibitionWest Japan Industry and Trade Convention Association Kitakyushu International Conference Center

Materials for various academic and international
conferences are shown in bright, crisp high definition
images by Panasonic projectors.

West Japan Industry and Trade Convention Association
Service Manager, Administrative Department
Takanori Uchida
Hotel Nakayamasou Business manager Hidekazu EdamuraMr. Uchida, who runs daily operations at the conference center, says, "The overall value of this conference center has been raised thanks to the incredibly bright and crisp images projected by this system."
The ability to give full-fledged high definition presentations is a key selling point for the center. Mr. Uchida recounted the events that led up to the transformation of the facility's projection system into one delivering vivid, high-definition images.
The city of Kitakyushu is the northern gateway to the island of Kyushu. The Kitakyushu International Conference Center, located on the waterfront, chose to update their projectors because they were seeking crisp, high-definition images on a large screen. They wanted to be able to project materials for academic and other conferences clearly, even in brightly lit rooms. Panasonic DLP™ projectors were able to meet these demands.
Kitakyushu International Conference Center-a seaside
forum for the lively exchange of ideas
Seeking a guiding principle for its 21st-century urban renewal plan, the city of Kitakyushu has adopted the ideal of "an international, technological city blessed with waterfront and greenery" for its renaissance. The Kitakyushu International Conference Center is the centerpiece of the city's convention facilities and a vital part of the ongoing urban renewal plan. Since its completion in 1990, the conference center has hosted a number of events and earned widespread praise as a forum for scholarly and industrial exchange. It has also earned recognition as an international conference center capable of accommodating high-definition presentations. These factors, along with its capability to provide simultaneous interpretation in four different languages, have served to attract a wide variety of conferences and conventions from around the world. However, with the world of technology advancing at a dizzying pace, the center had found it challenging to keep up with the latest ICT (information and communication technology) in recent years.

"Methods of giving presentations have changed since this facility first opened, and devices like computers and video players have greatly evolved, meaning that we were unable to completely meet our customers' needs with our previous system", says Mr. Uchida, discussing the challenges the center faced in keeping up with changes in technology. In addition, they had been receiving customer complaints about problems such the darkness of the screen and the need to lower the lights in order to see the projected images.
An evaluation of several companies' products was
carried out. Based on the performance of the projectors,
maintenance considerations, and other factors,
Panasonic was selected.
In autumn 2007, the center began considering replacement of its current projectors and contacted several companies, including Panasonic, about the possibility of purchasing new projectors. Conditions included "brighter and crisper image quality," "the ability to continue using current equipment as much as possible," and "reasonable overall cost." A demonstration of Panasonic's projector, which consisted of placing a PT-DW7000 next to the existing projectors and comparing the way they operate under the same conditions, was carried out. The obvious difference when looking at the images projected on the three side-by-side screens required no explanation. With powerful 6000 lm brightness packed into a compact body, and other attractive features such as low power consumption and low running costs (including maintenance costs), the conference center's management chose Panasonic's projectors. Mr. Uchida says that the staff were delighted with the new system as well. "Previously, we had to turn the lights way down to see the screen, which made it difficult for people to take notes. Now we're able to provide guests with a more comfortable environment."

A wide range of options making the fullest possible
use of currently existing equipment
A wide variety of optional lenses made it possible to make the best choice, under the center's precondition of using the exiting projection mirror. Thanks to a full range of adjustment capabilities including optical axis shift, it was also possible to use the existing rear projection adjustment stand. This is just one example of how Panasonic projectors meet customer demands. With versatile equipment, customers can make full use of existing equipment to attain the most up-to-date setup at the lowest possible cost.

A demonstration comparing the old projectors with the new Panasonic model. The central image is projected by the PT-DW7000.

Astounding difference in body size

The PT-DW7000 sits on the same adjustment stand used by the previous projector. The rear projection mirror was also used without changes

The PT-DW10000 is used to project giant high-definition images on a 370-inch screen. It is versatile and can be easily moved.
Three side-by-side rear-projection screens (200 inches each) in the main hall are usually used to present a wide variety of materials. In addition, there is a giant 370-inch screen that can be raised and lowered using an electrical motor. Mr. Uchida notes that "projecting promotional videos, for example, on one giant screen has greater impact than projecting the same image on three screens placed side by side." The PT-DW10000 projector is used on such occasions. It is usually kept in the projection room at the rear of the main hall, but it is portable and can be moved to the event hall next to the main hall if necessary. The projector has contributed to the local community, says Mr. Uchida. "When we invited the public to a film screening, everyone was very impressed with the powerful impact of crisp high-definition images on the giant screen."

"In a large-scale convention hall, the picture on the screen is
essential," says Mr. Uchida. Just as ICT (information and communication technology) is becoming a mainstay of college lectures, methods of makinsg presentations at academic conferences are also changing-from overhead projectors to computers, from still images to moving images. Panasonic is able to provide effective solutions to such changes in the technological realm. We hope to continue making contributions to the growth and development of the Kitakyushu International Conference Center.
The enormous size of the screen can be grasped by comparing it with the size of the podium

The PT-DW10000 is installed in the projection room at the rear of the main hall

The projection room provides centralized
control of sound and images
West Japan Industry and Trade Convention Association Kitakyushu International Conference Center Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka
System installed by
Panasonic System Solutions Japan Co., Ltd.
Equipment installed Equipment installed
* Japanese model names of PT-DW10000 and PT-DW7000 are TH-DW10000 and TH-DW7000 respectivel.
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