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Why Choose Panasonic?
  • - High picture quality with Edge Blending function
  • - Compact body and high-quality image of 20,000 lm
  • - Cost effectiveness and 24/7 operation capability
  • - 3D compatibility
  • - Low operating noise
  • - Active support and installation advice from Panasonic Australia and factory

“The CUBE” — one of the world's largest digital interactive learning and display spaces — was set up by the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) to provide an inspiring, explorative and participatory experience of QUT's science and engineering research.
In the heart of QUT's new Science and Engineering Centre at Gardens Point campus, many Panasonic projectors are used.

Gigantic Exhibition Wall with a Unique Combination of Audiovisual Engineering

Located between levels 4 and 5 of the Science and Engineering Centre, the CUBE has an enormous 14 m x 9 m
wall for collaborative learning and image displays. On any given day, the space will host the visiting public,
organized groups, University staff and students, and corporate guests.
It consists of two interactive walls – which are connected at an approximately 90-degree angle, hence the name
“The CUBE.” It uses a wide range of technology to operate: over forty multi-touch screens and ten Panasonic
high-definition projectors.

The Projection System for the CUBE

The inside face mainly shows a life-sized virtual reef where visitors can interact with the marine world and explore
the informative panels with details on the habitat and biology of a variety of ocean creatures.
Each wall combines a number of multi-touch screens (arranged in a single row along the lower end of the wall)
and high-definition projections. Four 20,000-lumen 3-chip DLP™ Panasonic PT-DZ21K projectors form seamless
edge-blended images and allow the public to explore the hyper-real “virtual” reef.

Four PT-DZ21K projectors were edge-blended to create a life-sized virtual reef.

At the outside faces, the wall shows various content, such as the Physics Playroom, where visitors can entertain
themselves with simulations of physics concepts and experiment with the laws of physics.
Similar to the inside face, many multi-touch displays and six 6,000-lumen Panasonic PT-DZ6710 projectors with
ET-DLE080 short-throw zoom lenses are used.

Three PT-DZ6710 projectors with ET-DLE080 short-throw zoom lenses create a seamless image.

Challenges: Projector Performance and Unique Facility Restrictions

This brand-new application required not only superbly bright and durable projectors, it also posed a number of
challenges with regard to size, cost, heat and noise. On top of this, the application’s structure demanded a level of
performance that would enable large-screen projection from a short distance and projection onto non-flat screens.
Another difficult problem was effectively fusing the multi-touch display images with the projected images.

Solutions: The High Quality and Advanced Functions of Panasonic Projectors

The Panasonic PT-DZ21K is extremely compact while providing 20,000 lm of brightness.
Because it uses 465 watt UHM lamps instead of the Xenon single lamp system, it is reasonably priced,
and a Lamp Relay mode allows alternate lamp use to enable 24/7 projection, resulting in economical operation.
Unlike other projectors of similar specifications, the use of a new liquid cooling system also keeps the system
from being too loud and too hot.

In addition to being compact, the PT-DZ21K offers a wide lineup of optional lenses for virtually every application. For example, the ET-D75LE6 short-throw zoom lens enables large-screen projection from a short distance.

Panasonic’s Geometry Adjustment function also adjusts images for projection onto specially shaped screens, making it possible to project onto the non-flat screens of the CUBE. Furthermore, the Color Matching function corrects for slight variations in the color reproduction range of individual projectors and displays.

Panasonic’s technical support and installation advice also contributed to the success of the CUBE Project.

The Color Matching function adjusts for slight
variations in the color reproduction range.

Result: Brightness to Match the New Facility

The two-story-high virtual reef is so beautiful and lifelike, visitors almost feel like they are swimming with the fish.
Panasonic projectors support this ‘open’ and ‘living’ laboratory with an application that ideally suits the new QUT facility.

Panasonic projectors are also at work in many other QUT facilities.

The theater room features PT-DZ6700 projectors, and the lecture rooms have a total of forty PT-EZ570 projectors in all.
Panasonic’s versatile lineup provides a total display solution that extends throughout the QUT facilities.

PT-DZ6700 projectors installed in the theater room.

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Panasonic Projector "CUBE" project
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