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Why Choose Panasonic?
  • - Panasonic’s new ET-DLE030 ultra-short-throw lens allows large-screen projection from a short distance.
  • - The Multi-Screen Support System (Edge Blending / Color Matching) enables seamlessly edge-blended dynamic projection.
  • - A filter-less and dust-resistant design enables easy maintenance and contributes to the low TCO.
  • - The system is cost-effective compared to conventional projectors in the same class.

“Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family,” held at the Australian Museum in Sydney, is the first exhibition in the world to focus on this legendary dinosaur family.
Showcasing fossil specimens from China and North America never before seen in Australia, it attracts public attention, and an innovative multimedia application enhances the exhibition.
Using cutting edge technology, the illusion of dinosaurs is projected onto multimedia walls to engage and excite both children and adults alike.

More than a leading Sydney attraction, this is a hub of information, resources and research

For over 180 years, the Australian Museum has been at the forefront of Australian scientific research, collection and education. Underpinning its research is an irreplaceable collection - more than 18 million objects representing a timeline of the environmental and cultural histories of the Australian and Pacific regions.
In addition to the permanent exhibits of its historic collection, the museum also hosts numerous changing exhibitions to inspire people of all generations.

Challenges: Creating the Multimedia Walls along the Alleyway

This multimedia system was designed to give guests a hands-on experience of the tyrannosaur family tree, the evolution
of the dinosaurs, and a fusion of the present and time immemorial.
Large-screen multimedia walls are installed onto both sides of the tunnel-like alleyway, and images created specially for
the exhibition are projected onto the walls. Because there is very little space behind the multimedia walls, large images
have to be projected from an extremely short distance.

Projection system

Solution: The ET-DLE030 Ultra-short-throw Lens Enables Large-screen Projection from a Short Distance

Panasonic’s PT-DZ870 1-Chip DLP™ projector boasts 8,500 lm of brightness, superb picture quality and advanced features appropriate to the museum exhibition.

The new ET-DLE030 ultra-short-throw lens makes it possible to project sufficiently large images from the narrow space behind the screen.
The PT-DZ870 projector also features the Multi-Screen Support System
(Edge Blending / Color Matching)
to enable seamlessly edge-blended projection. This unique application makes it possible to achieve the long, horizontal screen.

Four PT-DZ870 projectors with ET-DLE030 lenses
are installed behind the screen

The Multi-Screen Support System (Edge Blending / Color Matching) enables seamlessly edge-blended dynamic projection.

Because the exhibition will continue for more than six months, the ability to use the system for long periods with high
stability is crucial. The PT-DZ870’s long lamp life and filter-less and dust-resistant design lower maintenance costs and labor.
Also, Multi-Unit Brightness Control automatically corrects the brightness fluctuations that occur over time in the individual projectors,
and keeps the screen images from the multiple projectors highly uniform until the next lamp replacement cycle.

Result: Visitors Enjoy the Strange Scenery of the Multimedia Tunnel

The multimedia show features large-scale and immersive projections of dinosaurs running through Sydney streets.
Visitors of all ages stare in amazement, thanks to the lifelike images of the high-definition content. The fusion of the present and time immemorial created through cutting edge technology gives the exhibition its remarkable attraction.

The PT-DZ870 projector with ET-DLE085 lens provides a dynamic image from a short distance.

Fantastic scenery projected onto the multimedia
wall engages visitors of all generations.

Panasonic projectors are also used for other applications in the exhibition

In another application, the PT-DZ870 projects moving shadows onto a wall behind fossil specimens, making the fossil specimens look like they are actually moving. And in another exhibition space, the PT-DZ770K projector shows large-screen images of the visitors mingling with the dinosaurs to create an extremely exciting experience.

On the wall behind the fossil specimens,
the PT-DZ870 projects moving shadows.

The PT-DZ770K shows visitors mingling with
the dinosaurs for a highly exciting effect.

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